NASA has made a major discovery. The two planets are coming to earth. They are expected to arrive on the 25th!

NASA has made a major discovery. The two planets are coming to earth. They are expected to arrive on the 25th!

There are many kinds of disasters on the earth, including volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami and so on. Every disaster will hurt the earth, causing scientists’ high vigilance. In fact, among so many disasters, the most terrible one is asteroid impact. It belongs to a kind of external disaster, the sudden impact on the earth, will lead to the extinction of countless species on the earth.

Dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago. The most convincing reason for their disappearance is the impact of an asteroid. With dinosaurs’ vigorous posture and huge size, they would not have gone back if the asteroid hadn’t hit the earth in a hurry. After many years, human beings are still paying close attention to the trajectory of asteroids, and any abnormality will sound the alarm at any time. NASA has made a major discovery recently. They are tracking two asteroids and are expected to collide with earth orbit on September 25. NASA has made a major discovery. The two planets are coming to earth. They are expected to arrive on the 25th!

NASA’s redefinition of dual planets

The two asteroids, with different diameters and velocities, are classified as near earth objects. One of them, named 2020 RO, is about 59-130 meters in diameter and passes through the earth at the speed of 11.84 kilometers per second. It will not pose a fatal threat to the earth. The other one, named 2020 SM, passes through the earth’s orbit at 18.43 kilometers per second. Although it is smaller than the last one, its speed is faster, and whether it will pose a greater threat to the earth is unknown.

NASA has made it clear that since the space meteorite caused the extinction of dinosaurs, there has been no more large-scale impact on the earth. Most asteroids hit the earth, just like tickling. It will not contact with the earth’s atmosphere. In a few cases, space rocks will cause certain problems to the celestial system. Nowadays, the climate change on the earth is obvious. Some people think it is related to human behavior, and it may also be related to the asteroid’s approach to the earth. Scientists are keeping an eye on these two asteroids and will let us know if there is any change.

Conditions for asteroid impact on earth

Now it’s only a few days since they hit the earth. Whether they pass safely or bring a disaster to human beings depends on their trajectory on September 25. In fact, everyone should be alert to any disaster. We don’t know when the disaster will happen. What we can do now is to be well prepared, at least to be able to escape when the disaster comes. Even if these two asteroids do not pose a great threat to the earth, we should not relax our vigilance.

There are too many asteroids around the earth. If they deviate from the orbit due to the effect of gravity and intrude into the earth’s atmosphere by mistake, then mankind will face an unprecedented disaster, which may lead to the arrival of the sixth species extinction. Therefore, for the future development of mankind, it is the best way to protect the earth to pay attention to the motion changes of these asteroids all the time. What do you think of these two asteroids discovered by NASA? You can leave a message for interaction.

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