NASA new discovery! There are mysterious energy channels in the universe. Is the super civilization nearby?

As we all know, our current environment is three-dimensional. There are four-dimensional spaces on it, and it can reach eleven dimensions. Although we often say that human beings are living beings with advanced wisdom, for the whole universe, human civilization is only a beginning, and there may be a civilization of a higher level than the earth.

For human beings, as the star that sustains the life of the earth, the sun is also very unstable, and its frequent solar storms will have more or less impact on the earth, so the observation of the sun by scientists has continued.

However, not long ago, some abnormal phenomena began to appear, which made scientists very confused, because advanced scientific and technological means could not explain these phenomena. So, what is this abnormal phenomenon? Let’s go into more detail.

The day before yesterday, NASA’s exploration satellite took such a picture. This picture looks very strange. It can be said that it’s a bit frightening. We observed this picture carefully and found a kind of material with different colors and lengths beside the sun. According to the data returned by the exploration satellite, this material is very long, which makes many scientists very curious.

What is this material of different colors and lengths? Where did you come from? Although the data and photos received are very few, the researchers finally got a surprising answer, that is, these long strips of material are likely to be the product of a particular civilization, or even the energy channel of that civilization, which is a very bold speculation.

This civilized product is located on the right side of the sun’s star, passing through the sun and extending below the sun. In fact, the changing colors in the picture above are actually the colors changed by researchers in order to observe this channel more carefully. Scientists found that this long strip of material is very similar to the cable that humans use to transmit. It may be a channel to transmit some material, and it may be from a distance The discovery that a super civilization stronger than human civilization was built surprised all of us.

After careful analysis of the channel shown in the figure, scientists also put forward a hypothesis, that is, this energy channel may transmit the energy of the sun. As for where the end of the channel is, we can’t know. If the distance is too far, this super civilization can choose nearby stars to absorb energy.

If the distance is very close, does it mean that this super civilization is around us! It is in a corner of the solar system that we hide ourselves in a way that we can’t detect. If so, why don’t they come to the earth, show their power or occupy the earth, or show that human civilization may be created by themselves? Of course, it’s just speculation. What do you think?

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