NASA photographed a mysterious planet, covered with gold, worth more than $10 billion!

NASA photographed a mysterious planet, covered with gold, worth more than $10 billion!

In such a large solar system, every planet and satellite has a fixed orbit. Most of them are distributed in the Kuiper belt on the edge of the solar system. After several years of research, human beings have more or less understood them and basically mastered their operation rules. Despite the small size of asteroids, their power cannot be underestimated. Remember a meteorite event in Russia in 2013? At that time, the streets were as busy as usual, but an asteroid was quietly approaching the earth. Before long, it disintegrated and exploded, although the final loss was not so heavy, which once again confirmed the threat of asteroids to the earth.

In addition, we hope to use asteroid resources in the future. There are hierarchies in the universe. To be precise, human beings have not even reached the first level of civilization, so they can only use the resources on the parent planet. If we can make full use of the resources on other planets in the future, science and technology will make a qualitative leap. Many years ago, NASA put forward a planetary resource plan. In fact, the resources on earth are not inexhaustible. Many of them belong to non renewable resources, and they will be completely gone when they are used up. There are a lot of mineral resources on those asteroids, which are extremely precious and have amazing reserves. Who doesn’t want to excavate them on the earth? NASA photographed a mysterious planet, covered with gold, worth more than $10 billion!

NASA has found a planet rich in gold

In order to achieve this goal, NASA has adopted relevant plans and launched a probe called psyche. While observing around the solar system, a planet rich in gold was found by chance. It was discovered a long time ago that human beings didn’t take it seriously. Until now, they have a good understanding of it. According to the available data, the asteroid is like a protoplanet. Due to too many uncertainties, its crust was smashed to pieces, leaving only one nucleus.

Although the volume is not large, there are a lot of precious metals inside. The reserves of gold are amazing. If converted into RMB, it is estimated that it can reach 1 trillion yuan. This is a wealth that the world will never get. Once human beings have the opportunity to reach this asteroid, the earth will have a continuous source of gold resources.

The importance of gold to mankind

As we all know, the reserves of gold are very small, and we rarely see it on the earth. Now we are lucky to find this golden planet in the solar system, providing more hope for the future of mankind. At present, what needs to be solved is the distance between human beings and this planet. It will take at least several years to come back. If human beings can build a spaceship with super speed of light, or can arrive at this planet smoothly, and transport the gold resources of this planet back to the earth.

NASA will focus on this project, trying to reach the asteroid and make a fortune. Many problems can not resist the pace of the United States. Some scientists predict that in 2026, a number of probes will arrive at the asteroid smoothly, and make a detailed analysis of its composition. What do you think of the golden planet found by NASA? You can leave a message for interaction.

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