NASA photographed the surface of Venus and found a suspicious substance or evidence of life!

NASA photographed the surface of Venus and found a suspicious substance or evidence of life!

The earth is the only planet in the known stars that gives birth to life, which is unique in the universe. Although the volume is small, the earth’s excellent environment is incomparable to many planets. Since human beings have the ability to enter outer space, they have made great efforts to find a second habitat besides the earth. At the beginning, they focused on the moon. It was only after some astronauts landed on the moon and had a deeper understanding of the moon that they found that the environment of the moon was extremely harsh and not suitable for birth. Therefore, scientists shifted their eyes to Mars.

Over the years, human beings have gained a new understanding of Mars. Mars is not only hot, but also has a very different environment from the earth. If we want to move to Mars, unless we have the ability to transform Mars, it will take at least 200-300 years to transform Mars now. People who are full of expectations are undoubtedly poured with cold water by reality, but this does not frustrate their self-confidence. From the moon to Mars, experts spend a lot of time studying the surface environment, more or less have an understanding. NASA photographed the surface of Venus and found a suspicious substance or evidence of life!

Is there life on Venus?

Apart from these two planets, human beings have always been concerned about whether there are traces of ancient civilization on Venus. In the view of some people, the environment of Venus in the early days was more comfortable than that of the earth, and life was born. Because the Venusians did not pay attention to the protection of the environment, they made a bad environment and then fled. Some scientists once found some strange substances on Venus, suspected of building ruins, which caused people to think, would there really be life on Venus?

On September 14, scientists announced a major discovery, and found a kind of gas called phosphine, which is a component of life on earth and participates in the process of cell metabolism. This discovery raised scientists’ vigilance. Is this evidence that life exists on the golden star? This problem has aroused people’s doubts. The surface temperature of Venus is as high as 464 degrees Celsius. How can life be born under such extreme conditions?

What are the characteristics of Venus?

Venus is located on the edge of the habitable zone of the solar system. Although the temperature is higher than that of the earth, the environment in high latitudes is very comfortable. In many science fiction novels, there are stories about Venus. Even the poster propaganda is more perfect than that of the earth. Therefore, one of mankind’s great dreams is to immigrate to Venus. As early as 1962, the sailor-2 probe flew over Venus, and the dream of human migration was shattered, because sailor-2 sent back some data, which directly denied the existence of life on Venus. There was 60 km thick carbon dioxide on its surface, which would only make the surface temperature of Venus higher and higher.

However, the discovery of phosphine in Venus’ atmosphere by a research team once again raised hope. This gas is closely related to life. It is possible that there are a lot of microorganisms on Venus. No matter whether there is life on Venus or not, human beings are full of hope for Venus and regard it as the goal of human migration. Do you think Venus has a chance to become the second home for human migration? You can leave a message for interaction.

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