NASA pictures! The earth is turning green, the greatest credit or in our country!

Now the earth’s ecological environment has become the direction of all human efforts, once the ecological balance of nature is broken, then the development of human civilization will be affected, and even ushered in the end. Some people think that 2020 is a precursor. Will the earth’s environment get better? Scientists believe that although the earth’s environmental situation is grim, as long as everyone pays time, it may usher in a turnaround. Some time ago, NASA discovered a new phenomenon on earth, that is, it is turning green.

The earth is turning green

Today’s earth is full of vegetation and oceans, which is a vibrant natural world. However, at the beginning of the earth’s birth, the environment was very bad. It took hundreds of millions of years to evolve water, oxygen and everything in the world. The process of human evolution is also very long. In so many years, we have stood at the top of the food chain and created a brilliant human civilization. However, we have to say that while human civilization is developing, the earth’s environment is also facing a severe situation. Since mankind entered the industrial age, the atmosphere has been destroyed by toxic gases. Even though scientists are looking for new green energy sources, there are still not many ideal effects.

Especially in some developing countries, if they want to achieve rapid economic growth, they will focus on heavy industry, which was also the case in China. China’s population is huge, and the early development of heavy industry is booming. Some developed countries also think that China’s emissions of polluting gases account for a large part, but NASA of the United States claims that the earth is now green because of China, which is really incredible.

What happened to India?

NASA’s satellite once captured such images. They found that the green area of the earth is gradually increasing. The whole green area accounts for 42% of the earth, while China accounts for 23%, and the remaining 8% is owned by India. Since China’s economic level has been stable, we are also committed to the protection of the earth’s environment. China has been looking for an effective way to turn desert into oasis, and has achieved breakthrough progress. Although the United States has sent congratulations to China, it is worried about the situation in India. What is the reason for this?

Although India has a large population, its economic level is not as good as China’s. India’s land resources are far less than China’s. relying on agricultural development, India must ensure sufficient water resources. However, India is located in the tropics, and the precipitation itself is not rich. They can only choose groundwater for irrigation.

On the surface, India’s green vegetation has increased, but in the long run, India may face a water shortage crisis in the future. Now the global temperature is rising, with the increase of evaporation, what will the earth do in the future? What do you think?

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