NASA predicts that in 2149, the earth may appear “nine stars in a row”. What is the impact on human beings?

In ancient times, when science and technology were still relatively backward, people at that time would associate astronomical phenomena with the rise and fall of a country. In many movies and TV plays, we can see such a picture. When there is a vision in the sky, the ancient priests thought it was an ominous sign, and they would hold sacrificial activities to eliminate it. But now we all know that there is no connection between astronomical phenomena and fortune, it is only natural.

What’s the meaning of nine stars?

In the Han Dynasty, there was a supernova explosion in the sky. Where did people see such a scene at that time? They thought it was a symbol of disaster. People were very worried and afraid of this phenomenon. In addition to the supernova explosion, the most common astronomical phenomenon in ancient people was nine star continuous bead, which can be said to be the unknown in the unknown. In some time travel dramas, if nine stars appear in the sky, the tunnel of time travel can be opened, and the current protagonist will return to ancient times. Is this a piece of fiction in a movie or TV play, or can it happen in reality?

Will nine star beads happen?

Nine star continuous bead is actually a very common cosmic phenomenon. In addition to nine stars, five and six stars can also happen. All the stars are in the established orbit, and the planets in the solar system also move around the sun. These nine stars are the nine planets in the solar system. When they move to the same height, the so-called continuous bead phenomenon appears. In fact, the probability that these nine planets want to be at the same altitude is very low. In history, the phenomenon of nine stars in a row has only appeared once or twice.

Meteor shower in Qing Dynasty

There are many magical phenomena in the universe, some of which have a very low probability of occurrence, and some of which bring infinite shock to human beings. Like the meteor shower that you like to see most, it is the phenomenon that meteorites are rubbed by the atmosphere during the process of falling to the earth. Meteor shower generally does not cause harm to human body. In history, there was a meteor shower in the Qing Dynasty, which caused thousands of deaths. The probability of meteor shower hurting people is very low. Human beings live on the earth, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the universe, they are also facing some potential threats.

Nine stars in 2149?

NASA once predicted that in December of 2149, the earth will have a 9-star phenomenon. If it does, what kind of impact will it have on the earth? In fact, there is no need to worry too much about this problem. As we have said before, this is a normal natural phenomenon. Instead of worrying about the impact of the nine star streak, we should focus on the moon and the sun.

Human beings can survive safely on the earth without the sun and the moon. If either of the two changes, the earth’s environment will be seriously affected, and whether human beings can survive will be questioned.

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