NASA received an alien signal, suspected of requesting support, 50000 light-years in the explosion

With the deepening of scientists’ research, people’s understanding of aliens is deepening. Many scientists also believe that there is universal life in the universe, which means that human civilization may not be the only civilization in the universe. However, up to now, we have not found any clues about life.

Since the 1970s, human beings have been trying to get in touch with extraterrestrials. Today, many countries on earth also have researchers specializing in astronomy. They are not only responsible for exploring, observing and studying various celestial bodies and phenomena in the universe, but also looking for possible extraterrestrials in the vast universe.

The universe is vast. There are all kinds of celestial bodies in the universe, each of which exists in its own way. As one of the eight planets in the solar system, the earth has been running for 4.6 billion years. In its long process of development, it has bred the earth, which is the only living planet in the solar system.

For the scientists who are still exploring the universe, in the last century, some scientists put forward the conjecture about alien civilization. In the vast universe, there are countless stars. Moreover, since the earth can breed life, there must be other living planets in the universe that breed alien civilization. In order to find out the answer to this question, human beings have launched many probes into space, hoping to contact with alien civilizations.

The United States has long been caught in the signal sent by an alien civilization 50000 light-years away from the earth. Later, scientists decoded its content and found that the signal is a distress signal seeking human help. The content of the signal is that there will be a very terrible explosion in the 12 galaxies of the fourth universe, hoping to get the alien text of the signal Ming, will go to the fourth universe to rescue, otherwise they will face destruction.

It has been a long time since the signal was sent out in outer space, because 50000 years have passed since the signal was received by human beings. There is no way for human beings to save them. They may have been destroyed. However, scientists still have doubts about the “fourth universe 12 Galaxy” mentioned in the signal. Where is the galaxy actually located?

Some scientists believe that this may prove the view of parallel universe. In the universe we live in, there may be many universes, each of which is independent of the other. However, this signal breaks the boundaries between universes and allows human beings to receive signals.

There are still many views on alien civilization among scientists. Some scientists think that the reason why we can’t find alien civilization is that our technology is not advanced enough and the alien civilization is not advanced enough, so the exploration of alien civilization is still limited. So, what’s your opinion on this issue? Please leave me a message in the comment area!

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