NASA released photos of a “square spaceship” near the sun. Are aliens absorbing energy?

Nowadays, with the improvement of science and technology, aliens are no longer far away from us. Even if no one has really seen them, in many people’s hearts, the existence of aliens has become a fact of confession. Logically speaking, the vast universe should be full of traces of intelligent life, but when we really enter the universe, we find that the universe is really dead.

UFO near the sun

In the early stage of science and technology, in order to search for extraterrestrial life, our scientists also tried to send signals to the universe, but most of these signals went to sea without any sound. Later, we began to monitor the environment around the earth, hoping to find extraterrestrial life in the universe. Just a while ago, NASA released a picture of the sun. This photo quickly caught the attention of UFO enthusiasts, who thought that there was a cubic spaceship near the sun, which was actually absorbing the energy of the sun.

Scientist’s guess

After this photo was published on the Internet, it has aroused heated discussion among netizens. In the view of conspiracy theorists, this unidentified object is an alien spaceship. If aliens really exist, the technology level is far higher than that of human beings, so they can take the spaceship to any place they want to go. Aliens who have reached their civilization level can already use other energy in the solar system as a supplement. If their energy is gradually depleted during their flight, they will focus on the sun. In our opinion, the sun is a hot planet, no one dares to get close to the sun, but for alien life, the sun is the best energy supply station.

Some people think that this is just a sunspot on the surface of the sun. The sun is active all the time. Under certain angles and influences, sunspots and flares will also take on various strange shapes. Therefore, when people see these strange phenomena, they are always associated with some novelty hunting things. In fact, this is also caused by human visual deviation. When we look at this picture again, we will find that there is a black square object on the surface of the sun, but the object is too far away from the detector, so we can’t see its real face.

But Xiaobian thinks that this black unidentified object belongs to an alien spaceship, which is too unlikely. If alien life really roams freely in the universe, how can they not find the earth? With the improvement of science and technology, human beings have launched many detectors into the universe. It can be said that the solar system is full of detectors. So why have we never found aliens?

Up to now, this picture has not been officially explained. In fact, there are many phenomena in the universe that are difficult to explain by science, but at present, we have no ability to solve them. We don’t know what we think the unknown objects near the sun will be?

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