NASA sent back photos of the arch of a suspected building on Mars, which was built by aliens?

NASA sent back photos of the arch of a suspected building on Mars, which was built by aliens?

Since mankind embarked on a new journey in outer space, various countries have made every effort to join the ranks of Mars exploration in the world. Curiosity, launched by NASA, has taken many precious pictures of Mars. It has also landed on other planets, doing different scientific research. It took eight years for Mars curiosity to take a strange picture after it passed a red planet. A pattern similar to arch appeared in this picture, which aroused heated discussion in the scientific community. At first glance, it looks more like a rock with a peculiar shape. Careful examination of its shape can be traced.

Mars rock is a very common material, it has a long history, curiosity found this similar to arch bridge rock, the height is about 45 cm, its structure is complex, there are other rocks around. According to the preliminary judgment of scientists, this may be evidence of the activities of extraterrestrial organisms on Mars. Its details are very subtle, and only when you look closer can you see a door vaguely. The bottom of the door hole is buried under the soil, which is two times higher than the original height. NASA sent back photos of the arch of a suspected building on Mars, which was built by aliens?

Some UFO hunters believe that this arch is of great research value. This is not the first time that Mars has been discovered. There have been pictures showing lizards, steel balls, blueberries and other objects on Mars, which have become elusive remarks. There has been a long debate on the existence of alien civilization on Mars. As far as human beings know, there is no evidence of life on Mars, because Mars has a bad environment and is not at the same level as the earth. Its temperature is extremely high. Even if there is life here, it can not survive for long.

Some people are against it. Maybe simple life has existed on Mars for a long time and developed billions of years ago. The United States frequently launches detectors in order to solve these strange phenomena. Some people think that the event of Mars arch is just a kind of poor vision caused by UFO enthusiasts’ excessive attention to alien civilization for a long time.

In fact, they don’t exist on Mars at all. Everyone has his own word. No matter whether there is extraterrestrial life on Mars or not, human beings should be cautious when they want to move to Mars. The transformation of Mars environment is a big problem. Scientists have predicted that in the next 200-300 years, the Martian environment will be greatly changed with the transformation of human beings. However, what we should solve now is how to reach Mars faster.

The transformation of Mars is a huge project, not a year or two. These problems are worth pondering. There must be other reasons for human beings to find unidentified objects on Mars many times. It may be a prank or an exaggeration. As for the specific reasons, it remains to be verified. Do you think there is alien life on Mars? If humans want to transform Mars, what measures need to be taken? You can leave a message for interaction.

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