NASA’s discovery, the earth’s magnetic field began to fracture, Maya prediction to verify it?

The earth is the habitat for human survival, and scientists have been paying attention to the trend of the earth. The birth of life is not accidental. Liquid water, atmosphere and other factors are necessary. Over the years, people seem to only pay attention to these factors, often ignoring the earth’s magnetic field. If there is no earth’s magnetic field, then human beings can not achieve long-distance communication. In the latest NASA research report, it is claimed that the earth’s magnetic field has appeared obvious dent, and the magnetic field begins to split. What impact will it have on us?

For a long time, the formation of the earth’s magnetic field has been full of controversy. Some people think that the earth’s magnetic field is probably because the stars in the universe carry charges for some reason, and these charges move with the earth, resulting in a magnetic field. Others think that the earth’s magnetic field is actually generated by itself, and the universe has nothing to do with it. Although human beings have been hoping to solve the causes of the formation of ideological trend for so many years, there is no ideal effect. Now we do not need to focus on the causes of the formation of magnetic field, but on the current situation of magnetic field.

Geomagnetic fracture?

According to NASA’s research report, scientists have found an obvious magnetic fracture over the South Atlantic Ocean. This fracture is not an end, but a beginning. According to their conjecture, this obvious fracture will continue to move westward, which is likely to lead to magnetic field failure in the South Atlantic region. This phenomenon has aroused scientists’ concern. The impact of the magnetic field on human beings is self-evident. If the magnetic field continues to break, it is also a huge test for human beings. What is the cause of the magnetic field breaking?

Scientists believe that this may have a great relationship with the changes in the earth’s internal environment. The temperature inside the earth has exceeded 5000 degrees Celsius, which is an important condition for the operation of the magnetic field. According to the data of scientists, if the temperature inside the earth begins to decline, then the magnetic field may fail or even disappear. In the last century, French scientists discovered that the earth’s magnetic field reversed 700000 years ago. With the current means of human beings, we can not interfere with the operation of the magnetic field, what we can do is to adapt to the changes of the magnetic field.

Mayan Prophecy

If this field continues to split, or even disappear, then all communication systems will fail. In addition, the rupture of the earth’s magnetic field will also lead to increased radiation. The radiation of the sun is very strong, and the reason why we are not threatened by radiation is that in addition to the barrier effect of the atmosphere, the magnetic field also plays a great role. At that time, human health will be affected, and even the development of human civilization will be affected.

Therefore, after seeing this phenomenon, many people think that in the future, the earth will face many disasters, which are uncontrollable. Is it true that, as the Maya said, the end of the world will come? Although there is no basis for this argument, Xiaobian thinks that space migration is urgent. Sooner or later, the earth’s environment will reach a critical point. If we want to survive, we must go to another planet. What do you think?

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