NASA’s experiment, three men and three women living in one room for one year, what happened to them?

Since human beings entered the space age, we have focused on the universe. Human beings are no longer satisfied with the shackles of the earth. Our goal is the stars and the sea. Now countries have put the focus of exploration on Mars, but Mars is too far away from the earth. In order to solve this problem, scientists also conducted an experiment. They selected three male volunteers and three female volunteers, and let these six volunteers work together to carry out the experiment. This experiment lasted for one year. What’s the result?

Although the first planet that human beings landed on was the moon, the environment of the moon was too bad. The atmosphere of the moon was so thin that it was not suitable for human survival. So we focused on Mars. In the early days of Mars exploration, many countries also launched a number of probes to Mars, but many of them suffered on the way and did not reach Mars. In 2020, China’s tianwen-1 and the United States’ Willpower set out to explore Mars. NASA also claimed that in the future, it would select the first batch of human beings to enter Mars to survive.

Even if the level of technology allows the transportation of human beings to Mars, the journey will take eight months, which is always a huge test for human beings, which means that astronauts will have to stay in space for the first half of the year to reach Mars. It takes 500 days to stay on Mars to return to earth, so the journey of exploring Mars often takes more than two years, which is a huge test for us. It is difficult for us to imagine how human beings survive in a closed environment, which requires astronauts to have excellent psychological endurance and physical quality.

Scientists’ experiments

In order to verify the feasibility of the trip to Mars, the United States chose a high mountain in Hawaii and built a closed cabin for simulation test. This closed cabin is the simulated Mars base. NASA selected six scientists, including three men and three women, for the experiment. The psychological endurance and professional level of these scientists are excellent. The experiment lasted for one year. They had their own rooms in the capsule, ate the same food, and all their activities were monitored. They can only go out once a week. When they go out, they have to put on heavy spacesuits. If they want to contact the outside world, they can only go out by email.

experimental result

In the whole process, NASA will also set up some unexpected situations to see the scientists’ coping ability. During the experiment, every move of the six scientists was closely watched, and they had no privacy to speak of. In the end, the six scientists survived a year. What was the result of the experiment?

Even though these scientists have high physical quality, after a year of living in a closed environment, their bodies still have problems. Everyone is facing mental pressure, and even their behavior is numb. And this is just a simulation experiment, not to mention how to survive on the real Mars, so the road of human exploration of Mars is long and bumpy. Of course, this does not dispel human confidence. Many countries are working hard to explore Mars. What do you think of this experiment?

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