Nature’s counterattack came. The Australian fire burned for four months, killing about 480 million wild animals

The earth is a beautiful planet of life and the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. For this beautiful home, we should have taken good care of it, but human activities are destroying it again and again. Especially after entering the industrial age, the development of a large number of industries has made the deterioration of the earth’s ecological environment more and more serious.

Perhaps many people regard nature as a dead thing, and think that man can conquer nature. However, countless examples tell us that nature is the master of the world. All things in the world, including human beings, are created by nature. When human beings continue to destroy nature, nature will not sit idly by, but constantly warn us. For example, after the advent of summer every day, frequent powerful typhoons and frequent earthquakes are all revenge warnings from nature.

2019 is an extraordinary year, the year of El Nino. The El Nino phenomenon has warned us that there will be unknown abnormal changes in the climate in 2019. I believe many people have felt the abnormal changes in the climate in 2019. The most obvious abnormality is that the global temperature is higher, and the high temperature is constantly affecting people’s life, health and the world.

After entering the fourth quarter of 2019, in the coming year of 2019, nature’s strongest revenge for mankind is coming. It is the forest fire in Australia. I believe many people know that Australia is a rare green country in the world with few people and many forests. People who have been to Australia will sigh that Australia is so beautiful. There are many lovely animals in the dense and huge forest area.

However, due to the rising global temperature, the original dense virgin forest has become the most prone to fire. The severity of the forest fire in Australia has exceeded people’s expectation. Up to now, the forest fire has been burning for four months, with more than 1400 kilometers of coastline burning (equivalent to burning all the way from northeast to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai). The area of the mountain fire has exceeded 72000 square kilometers, killing at least 25 people and destroying millions of hectares of forest It’s several times bigger than Amazon fire and California fire.

In addition to burning a large area of forest, the Australian fire also killed countless animals. According to the target statistics, about 480 million wild animals died. Including a large number of precious animals, such as koala, kangaroo and so on, and as the fire continues, the death of wild animals continues. Such a fire is already a “worldwide disaster.”. Many species may be extinct in this fire.

Maybe many people will say that no matter how powerful the fire is, it can’t be put out? How can it keep burning for four months? In fact, the reasons for this are more complicated. The most important one is related to the current climate in Australia. In 2019, Australia experienced a rare high temperature and drought in history. According to the scientific report, on December 17, 2019, Australia had a record high temperature, with the national average temperature as high as 40.9 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in some areas may even be approaching It’s 50 degrees.

This kind of high temperature weather is rare in the world. If it occurs in desert and areas with little vegetation, it will not have much impact. But if it occurs in primeval forest areas, it will be different. It may cause uncontrollable forest fires at any time.

In addition to high temperature and drought, there is also an important reason why Australian forest fires are difficult to put out. The interaction between fire and nature helps to intensify the fire. The smoke and heat generated by these strong and turbulent fires can interact with the atmosphere, absorb the moisture, form huge rain clouds (also known as “fire clouds”), trigger thunderstorms, lightning and other weather phenomena, and form their own “small weather area”.

If it can rain, of course, it is very good, but the real phenomenon is that instead of waiting for the rain, there is a strong wind. The combination of fire and wind makes the fire spread rapidly, and the fire area is getting larger and larger. This is similar to the formation of typhoon. The formation of typhoon is a strong convection phenomenon due to the high temperature above the sea surface.

The Australian fire has also released hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is the main culprit of the earth’s rising temperature. So much carbon dioxide has once again exacerbated Australia’s high temperature climate. Therefore, the warning issued by nature at the end of 2019 really shows people how weak human power is, and we still have little resistance in the face of natural disasters.

Maybe the forest fire in Australia has an effect on human beings. I believe that more and more people will realize that the earth’s ecology continues to be destroyed, and they should take action to protect the environment. Otherwise, such a worldwide disaster as the Australian fire may occur frequently in the future.

Of course, realizing the importance of protecting the environment is different from real action. The Paris agreement was adopted at the Paris Climate Change Conference on December 12, 2015. Its goal is to control the temperature rise of the earth within 2 degrees Celsius. But since the Paris Agreement, has the earth’s climate improved? Not really.

The reason for this is that human beings do not want to give up their own interests. The main reason for the rise of global temperature is the massive emission of industrial carbon dioxide. Is it possible to stop these industries? It’s impossible to think about it. In addition, for example, the number of industrial fuel vehicles in the world is estimated to be a huge number, most of which are fuel vehicles.

The amount of exhaust gas produced by so many fuel vehicles every day is amazing. The amount of carbon dioxide released by Australia’s forest fires is nothing compared with the amount of global automobile exhaust. Everyone knows that fuel vehicles will release greenhouse gases, but is it possible to ban the production of fuel vehicles all over the world? It’s totally impossible. It will touch the interests of many capitalists. It can’t be implemented at all unless the performance of electric vehicles completely surpasses that of fuel vehicles. It may take about 50 years to achieve this goal.

Thus it can be seen that hope is beautiful, and reality is often very cruel. So Hawking is very worried about the future of human beings, and has repeatedly predicted that only by escaping from the earth can human beings survive in the future.

In any case, we hope that the forest fires in Australia can be put out as soon as possible. I don’t know how many animals will be killed and promoted every extra day of burning. At the same time, it will also cause more damage to the ecological environment. Perhaps this time the Revenge of nature can make more people wake up and really pay attention to environmental protection. ‘

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