Nature’s warning to human beings! The reason why polar bear cubs swallow plastic is sad!

With the development of human civilization, it has brought great pollution to the earth’s environment. Plastic pollution is a major concern of scientists. Plastic is indecomposable, even in recyclable waste, less than half of it can be decomposed. Plastic has penetrated into human life, even the cold north and south poles have also appeared traces of plastic. Just some time ago, the Arctic expedition took such a picture, which is heartbreaking.

Polar bears are swallowing plastic

From the photos, we can see that two polar bear cubs are running in the snow, with a black plastic bag in their mouth. Although polar bears have a good time, they also sound an alarm to us. Plastic pollution has penetrated into all parts of the world. Animals are unconscious, and they can’t distinguish plastic from food. One of the polar bears also tried to crush the plastic, presumably taking it as food. If the polar bear really eats the plastic, it will affect the digestive system and eventually lead to death.

This photo was taken by vikstrom of the Arctic expedition. He has been shooting in the Arctic, and accidentally saw this sad scene, so he recorded it with his camera. He claimed that this kind of scene in the Arctic is actually a bad omen. If plastic pollution continues to develop, and animals can’t distinguish plastic, a large number of plastic particles enter into animals’ bodies, what they see on the beach is not small animals chasing and playing, but cold corpses one after another. As a result, some people claim that the plastic debris has spread to all parts of the world along with the ocean current movement, and these hidden “killers” have started their next journey.

Permeability of plastics

Apart from the cold north and south poles, pieces of plastic have also been found thousands of meters deep under the sea. Scientists once found a large number of plastic particles in the body of a whale. It is worth noting that this was discovered by scientists at a depth of 8000 meters. The small plastic can overcome thousands of mountains and rivers to reach the bottom of the sea, which is enough to show how strong their permeability is. In the process of predation, it is inevitable for animals to eat prey with plastic particles. These plastic fragments enter into the animal body, and the animal comes to the human table. The end of plastic is human.

Global environmental situation

Near many beaches, we can always see a lot of garbage, most of which are plastic products. They have accumulated on the beach for months this year. After absorbing the sunlight, they will also release the greenhouse gas methane. In the face of global warming, these plastics also contribute to the situation, and the global environment has fallen into a vicious circle.

Therefore, many people feel very sad after seeing this picture. In our opinion, the Arctic is a paradise. There should not be any garbage. It’s a pity that polar bear cubs use plastic as food. We must start to pay attention to environmental protection from now on, otherwise we will pay for it in the end.

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