Nepal has the fifth “golden turtle” in the world. How does its golden color come into being?

The earth is a life world rich in species. In addition to intelligent life, there are more than millions of creatures. The earth’s surface is a marine world with 71% of water resources, so there are more species in the ocean than on land, and many species are very strange and not recognized by us.

No matter what kind of creatures they are, they all have their own body color, and the same species often have some very unique skin color variation species for various reasons. The color of biological species is generally relatively normal, but if there are some particularly rare colors of organisms, then it has high research value for scientists.

Tortoise can be said to be a very widely distributed species on the earth, it mainly exists in the ocean and coastal areas. And the tortoise also has a different status in human civilization. Xuanwu, one of the four beasts in ancient Chinese mythology, is actually a kind of tortoise.

And the tortoise is also a kind of long-lived creatures, we often say that the king of the millennium is 80000 years old tortoise, it can be seen that the life of the tortoise is relatively long. How many kinds of turtles are there? According to the data currently available, there are about 200-250 species on earth.

Although there are so many kinds of turtles, there are many kinds of turtles that are very rare, and even we can’t find them. Especially some turtles living in the deep sea generally don’t appear in the shallow sea, and we can’t find them naturally. Turtles are not entirely aquatic. Many turtles are semi aquatic. They often swim from water to land.

The color of the tortoise is generally gray or black. We usually see tortoises in these two colors. Have you ever seen a tortoise with a golden body? Many friends may say that “golden turtle” is just a kind of legendary turtle, which does not exist in the real world. Is that really the case? Of course not.

In fact, golden turtles still exist in the world, but the number is extremely rare. Some friends may have seen some turtles whose heads or body parts are golden, so they think that such turtles are rare “golden turtles”. In fact, they are not. Although part of the tortoise’s body is golden, it can also be called “golden Tortoise”, which is a rare kind of tortoise, the real “golden Tortoise” is very bright, and its whole body is yellow.

At present, only five of these rare “golden turtles” have been found in the world, and the fifth one was just found in Nepal some time ago. This kind of “golden Tortoise” discovered by scientists in Nepal has a rare golden color. Once found in Nepal, it is regarded by villagers as the incarnation of gods.

Therefore, the scientists recorded the newly discovered “golden turtle” and then released it to the wild. According to zoologists, this is only the fifth golden turtle found in the world, belonging to the North Indian box turtle, the first case in Nepal. This “golden turtle” was found in Nepal, which can be said to be of great value.

So how did such a rare “golden turtle” come into being? In ancient people’s eyes, this kind of “golden Tortoise” will be given the incarnation of God, because it is very rare and has a very noble color. You know, golden color is a symbol of honor in both ancient and modern times, especially in ancient times, it is also a symbol of imperial power, so the “golden Tortoise” is regarded by Nepalese villagers as the embodiment of gods.

In fact, in the eyes of biologists, this “golden turtle” is actually a genetic mutation or genetic variation. We all know that the core of life is evolution, and in the process of evolution, there will be gene mutation or mutation. It is through continuous genetic variation and mutation that life on earth can achieve rapid evolution and the birth of human beings.

Human genes will continue to mutate and mutate, so there are a variety of genetic diseases. Turtle in the evolution of generations, naturally there will be a variety of gene mutations, will produce some strange species. “Golden Tortoise” is the product of gene mutation, but it is difficult for normal tortoises to make their offspring become “golden Tortoise” through gene mutation. Otherwise, only five “golden tortoises” will be found in the world.

Although in our eyes, “golden Tortoise” is very rare, looks very noble and beautiful, and is even regarded as a God by some people, in the tortoise family, “golden Tortoise” is an alien species, which is not accepted by tortoises. If a “golden Tortoise” appears in a tortoise race, it may be expelled by the family.

Although “golden Tortoise” is a very rare species in modern times, once it is found that it is a highly protected species, it is basically impossible for us to have such a tortoise, but in the future, with the rapid development of human genetic technology, “golden Tortoise” may also become a common species.

The “golden Tortoise” is just a variation of the appearance color. Through the future advanced genetic technology, this kind of “golden Tortoise” can be created artificially. At that time, it will no longer be a rare species, and may become a mascot into people’s lives.

“Golden Tortoise” is just a rare species on earth. In unknown areas, there may be many unique species that we do not know at all. Especially the ocean, we only know 10% of its exploration, most of the area is still the blind area of human exploration, is the unknown area. In those areas that human beings have not yet explored, there must be many strange creatures that we do not understand, or even beyond our knowledge.

Of course, with the rapid development of human industry and the continuous destruction of the ecological environment, a large number of species are also disappearing. If we do not have good environmental protection measures and can not control the continuous deterioration of the environment, then it is possible that in the future hundreds of years, most of the biological species may disappear. All kinds of creatures we can see now are likely to disappear in the future.

Therefore, the earth is my home. If we want the earth to maintain a life world rich in species, it is necessary to strengthen environmental protection. If we do not pay attention to environmental protection, it is possible that in the limited future, there will be only one species on the earth, and other animals will disappear. At that time, human beings will be more lonely. Even if we have more powerful technology and can survive in the harsh environment of the earth, can we still be happy without other species?

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