Netizens took a picture of a “mysterious figure” over Kunlun Mountain, where immortals were robbing?

Since childhood, we have heard a lot of myths and legends. Although these myths and legends are made up, they also represent the human yearning for gods. If we talk about the most mysterious mountains in China, we have to say Kunlun mountain. Some people have always regarded Kunlun Mountain as a fairy mountain, in which there are gods. Some people even took pictures of immortals plundering in Kunlun Mountain, which was difficult for scientists to explain at the beginning.

Kunlun Mountain is remote and sparsely populated. People have always been in awe of Kunlun mountain. In addition, there are more and more bizarre legends. Many people even have a myth about Kunlun mountain. In fact, many strange things have happened in Kunlun mountain. There are always thunder and lightning here, which gives people a sense of fear. In the Qing Dynasty, two monks came to Kunlun mountain to practice because they were dissatisfied with the life at that time. They built a Taoist temple on Kunlun mountain. For a long time, incense was very strong. Later, when the war broke out, the grand Taoist temple was destroyed and became a ruin. Even if people rebuilt it later, it would not be as brilliant as it used to be.

The mystery of Kunlun Mountain

So many strange things happened in Kunlun mountain. People living at the foot of Kunlun Mountain regard it as a fairy mountain. The reason why they can live a safe and smooth life is that they are actually protected by the gods. In our opinion, this is just a belief of the local people, and there is no real evidence at all. However, such an event once happened in Kunlun Mountain, which is difficult for many scientists to explain.

There is a valley of death in Kunlun Mountain, which even local people dare not easily enter. In 1983, such a thing happened. At that time, a herdsman lost a group of horses, which probably ran into the valley of death. For the herdsman, this is at least all his savings, so he went to the valley bravely, hoping to find the lost horses. Unexpectedly, a few days later, the horses came back by themselves, but the herdsman was not seen. So the local people are going to look for the herdsman. When they enter the valley, they see the dead herdsman. The herdsman’s face shows fear, but there is no sign of bad clothes. What did he experience before he died?

Photos taken by netizens

In addition, another netizen took such a picture. At that time, there was a thunder on the Kunlun Mountain, and a rainstorm was pouring down immediately. At this time, he found a figure in the sky, standing in the middle of the lightning, without any abnormality. He quickly picked up his mobile phone to take a picture of this phenomenon. When he published the picture on social media, netizens agreed that maybe there are gods living in Kunlun mountain.

This photo naturally attracted the attention of scientists. After identification, the professionals found that there was no synthetic trace in this photo. Naturally, scientists didn’t believe in ghosts and gods. So they went to Kunlun mountain to explore in person. After several days of research, they found that the mystery of Kunlun Mountain seemed to be able to be solved. It turns out that there is a strong magnetic field in Kunlun mountain. The reason why lightning and thunder occur is because of the magnetic field. Therefore, many strange things happen. The death of the herdsman is probably caused by electric shock. The figure in the photo is probably also an illusion formed by the refraction of light.

Seeing that the secret of Kunlun Mountain has been solved by us, there are no immortals living in Kunlun mountain. Immortals only exist in legends and stories. Many strange phenomena have traces to follow. These are also the laws of nature. Although science is not omnipotent, it can solve the doubts in people’s minds. So when we see these magical phenomena again, we should still start from the facts and never follow others. I wonder if you have heard of the legend of Kunlun mountain? What do you think?

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