Netizens use spicy sticks as candlesticks and burn them for more than 20 minutes. How much oil does spicy sticks contain?

To be honest, a few days ago, when Xiaobian saw the article that “young people eat 15 packets of spicy strips into ICU for rescue”, the first thing she thought was a girl in the next class in primary school who was hospitalized because of eating spicy strips. Finally, she delayed class and was forced to be demoted. Not long after she was discharged from hospital, she continued to eat her favorite spicy strips, but this time the rescue was ineffective.

Is spicy noodles really harmful?

In fact, the appearance of spicy bar is nothing more than to give me a kind of taste stimulation, so Xiaobian thinks that it’s no big deal to eat less of this kind of thing, but if you eat more, your body will certainly not be able to bear it. It can easily lead to acne, abdominal pain, and even life-threatening diseases. Of course, for this kind of food, Xiaobian thinks it’s best not to eat it.

Xiaobian gives you a common example, which is Xiaobian himself. I used to like this kind of food when I was in school, but most of us didn’t have any sense of crisis at that time, just thought it was delicious, so we ate it. It’s about 2-4 bags a day. Of course, not only I am eating alone, but everyone around me is eating (Xiaobian is a post-90s, I believe most post-90s have this experience). However, after a period of time, there is really a bad omen.

At first, it was just diarrhea, but I didn’t think about it too much. I didn’t feel very strong long after eating spicy strips. I usually had to go to the toilet 2-3 times to get back to normal. After a period of time, I began to have abdominal pain, diarrhea, and bloating. Finally, when I went to the hospital, I found that I had acute enteritis, and the main culprit was spicy strips. Of course, I was too young at that time to stop my desire to eat spicy strips. After a period of time, my symptoms changed again. Every time I ate spicy strips, about 10 minutes later, my stomach began to ache so much that I couldn’t stand to roll in bed. Later, the workshop of spicy strips was exposed, and I didn’t eat spicy strips any more.

In fact, there are many diseases caused by spicy strips, such as acne, and long-term consumption of this pungent food can easily cause intestinal diseases, such as enteritis, gastritis, and even Crohn’s disease. Even in the spicy strip contains many preservatives, pigments, preservatives eat too much is carcinogenic. In addition, for children, most of the factories that produce spicy strips are unsanitary small workshops, and the raw materials used are not healthy, so spicy strips are likely to seriously affect the normal physical development of children.

Most of the processing methods of spicy strips are fried or immersed in oil. Friends who have eaten them must have some experience. The purpose is very simple, in order to increase the taste. In addition, it’s very difficult to monitor the small workshops that produce spicy bars, so it’s easy to produce expired oil, even gutter oil. Xiaobian saw on the Internet that netizens had done such an experiment. He made a candlestick out of a packet of spicy bar oil, and it burned for more than 20 minutes, which shows how much he had.

Xiaobian doesn’t want to write this article about black spicy food. Xiaobian just wants to say, for our normal health, please try not to eat junk food, especially spicy food. In addition, for teenagers who are growing up, it’s better not to eat it.

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