Netizens witnessed plesiosaurs! I’m afraid I didn’t believe it and sent me the real photos

I believe that many science lovers know about plesiosaurs. Whether they are water monsters in Tianchi Lake, nice lake or Kanas Lake in Changbai Mountain, many people are willing to believe that they are the descendants of plesiosaurs left over from the age of dinosaurs. However, it is still a mystery whether the plesiosaur really exists. Even if there are eyewitnesses, the photos are also very vague. Not only can we not see the real appearance of the “monster”, but also many people doubt whether it really exists?

Such a kind of overlord who lived in the period of dinosaurs had been extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period, and their huge bodies could not survive in today’s world, which is what scientists have always insisted on. But Xiaobian just received such a letter from netizens, he said: I seem to see a plesiosaur. I’ll share the screenshot with you.

Xiaobian was really shocked when he saw this picture at first. Is it true that plesiosaurs have not been extinct? Is it true that the legendary water monster is a plesiosaur? Is it true that this netizen has captured a picture of plesiosaur here? It wasn’t until Xiaobian enlarged the picture that he found

The solid muscles, the stiff limbs, and the fierce eyes! Oh, no! What’s the matter with the water plants around this plesiosaur? From the body proportion of plesiosaurs, how huge the plants around them are! Later Xiaobian took a closer look with his eyes… Isn’t this the legendary dinosaur toy! (as shown in the figure below)

Although it is always a mystery whether the plesiosaur really exists, and the possibility of its real existence is very slim. As scientists say, the Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain was formed many years after the Cretaceous period. How could a plesiosaur enter at that time? But Xiaobian believes that the world is so big that many species that originally thought did not exist have been discovered.

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