New discovery of the eye of heaven in China! Is it a good thing that a “new sun” is approaching the solar system?

Human beings can survive on the earth, feel warm and bright, can not do without the sun. Without the sun, life could not be born on the earth. The gravity of the sun is huge, in the entire solar system, the position of the sun can not be underestimated, for human beings, the sun is related to the survival of human beings. Just a while ago, a strange phenomenon was discovered in China’s celestial eye. It seems that a “new sun” has appeared near the solar system. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Since the last century, with the development of science and technology, more and more countries have focused on the universe. We can better observe the universe through telescopes and satellites. The Arecibo radio telescope plays a vital role in the human space industry, but it has also been demolished some time ago. Throughout the world, it seems that only China’s sky eye can occupy the first place in the space industry. China’s heavenly eye plays an irreplaceable role in human’s exploration of the universe. This “alien” is discovered by China’s heavenly eye. This alien is called gleiser 710. Because it is very similar to the sun, it is also known as the “new sun”.

New sun?

Although the mass of this “new sun” is only 60% of that of the sun, the radiation is not to be underestimated, and the gravity is equal to that of the sun. According to the data of scientists, this star is 63 light-years away from the earth. According to its speed, maybe within 1.28 million years, this alien will arrive in the solar system. Today’s solar system has already become a stable whole, if you rashly enter an alien, then the planets of the solar system will also be affected.

Will humans be affected?

Many people guess that there is already a sun in the solar system. If there is another sun, will human beings be affected? Will these two suns grab territory or merge into one? In terms of the gravity of these two suns, the planets in the solar system are not their rivals, and of course the earth can not resist them. If the earth can be successfully locked by the gravity of the two suns, it will survive. Of course, this is only the guess of scientists.

Once there is a gravitational change in the solar system, it will be devastating for all planets and life. Although many people are worried, scientists also advise humans not to worry too much. After all, it will be more than one million years before this alien will approach the solar system. Maybe by that time, humans will have gone to other galaxies to survive.

Seeing this, we have to admire the vastness and mystery of the universe. In the vast universe, the earth is just an ordinary grain of dust, and human survival is also faced with various threats. Under so many disasters, only improving the strength of science and technology is the hard choice. I don’t know what you think of it?

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