New news from NASA: an asteroid is fast approaching the earth, so we should not relax our vigilance!

New news from NASA: an asteroid is fast approaching the earth, so we should not relax our vigilance!

Asteroid impact on the earth has been a common occurrence. The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago was attributed to the asteroid impact. With dinosaur’s huge body and sensitive limbs, it was not caused by natural disasters, so it was impossible to go extinct. Human beings should be more thankful for the extinction of dinosaurs, otherwise there would be no human today.

Asteroid is a potential threat to the earth, because its size is large or small. If it is too large, it will cause serious damage to the earth. If it is small, the earth can still bear it. The earth’s survival today is mainly due to its unique geographical location and many protective stars around it. They use their strong gravity to deflect those asteroids from their orbits. Some asteroids are uncontrollable and hit the earth. On the whole, thanks to them, the earth has such a long history. New news from NASA: an asteroid is fast approaching the earth, so we should not relax our vigilance!

NASA finds asteroid

Recently, NASA has observed a picture of an asteroid flying towards the earth at a speed of 8.16 kilometers per second. It is estimated that it will be the closest to the earth on September 2, about 120000 kilometers. It’s not known whether it’s going to make a direct impact on the earth.

Everyone who knows a lot about astronomy knows that the distance between the earth and the moon is about 380000 km. Once there is any asteroid threatening the earth around, scientists will attach great importance to it. The asteroid that is approaching the earth is named 2011es4. Its diameter is about 22-50 meters, and its speed is neither fast nor slow. It was first discovered in 2011. At that time, the level of science and technology was limited and there was no in-depth discussion. Now it is quietly approaching the earth and may collide with the earth.

Potential threat of asteroid impact on earth

So far, about 4000 Apollo asteroids have been found. The diameter of the asteroid 65 million years ago was about 10 kilometers, which led to the extinction of countless species. If the asteroid hit the earth’s surface, it would bring disaster to the world. However, scientists don’t think it’s necessary to worry too much. In 2013, there was an asteroid impact on the earth. At that time, it was disintegrated at high altitude, causing countless meteorite fragments to land on the earth, which did not bring substantial damage to the earth.

With the existing human technology, some preventive measures will be taken before the asteroid reaches the earth. Maybe the asteroid will disintegrate when it approaches the earth, which will not pose any threat to the earth. Of course, everything is still based on caution. We can’t confirm whether it will do direct harm to the earth. It’s necessary to be vigilant. In addition, there are too many active celestial bodies in the solar system. Human beings are vigorously developing defense equipment, at least in the face of disaster, they can make full preparations. Do you think this asteroid will really hit the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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