New people on earth? The blood and skin of green people in African tribes are green!

In many science fiction movies, we can always see some strange characters, such as the green people in the movies. At the beginning, people thought that they were just fictional characters, but there were green skin people in history. That was in 1887, in a village of HOS in Spain, two green children suddenly appeared, which surprised the villagers at that time I don’t know.

Green children in Spain

At that time, the villagers were working in the fields. Suddenly, two green children came out of the cave. They attracted the attention of the villagers and tried to communicate with them. However, they found that they did not speak Spanish, just like they had their own language. The two children wanted to communicate, but the villagers had no way to understand. The clothes these two children wear are also fabrics that have never appeared on the earth. They are very scared when they see the villagers. The villagers can only pacify the two children and report to the local police, but the police have no way to determine where they came from. The villagers can only take them in. This is the green children incident which has caused a sensation in Spain. The two children’s skin is not only green, but also their blood is green.

Perhaps because of acclimatization, one of the children died early, while the other girl died after living in the local area for several years. At that time, the level of science and technology was very limited, and people didn’t think about where they came from. Maybe the two of them live in the cave all the year round, lack of sunlight, so they have a green complexion. Until now, many people still think that these two children are not Earthlings, but aliens from the universe.

Green people in Africa

These two children have long disappeared on the earth, and we have no way to verify them, but there are indeed green people in the world. They live in the mountains of Africa, which is the Silva people. In our impression, there are only three major races in the world. If there is another skin color, it will be regarded as a strange species. In fact, in addition to the three skin colors, scientists have also found red race and blue race. The number of them is very small, so scientists think that these people are just caused by genetic variation. However, another kind of people found in Africa, who live in the deep mountains, still maintain the most primitive way of life, and the current population is less than 3000.

Scientists are also trying to solve the secrets of green people. Because there are no advanced medical conditions in the local area, the mortality rate of green people is still very high. Scientists can only solve their secrets through chlorophyll and other means.

Although there is no ideal effect now, in the future, maybe we can solve the unsolved mysteries in the world. This kind of people are not different. They are all intelligent life on the earth like human beings. What do you want to say about green people?

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