New race? Scientists found blue and green people, only 3000 people left!

In the long process of natural evolution, human beings overcame the cruel elimination mechanism and ascended the position of world hegemony. The earth’s population has exceeded the 7.5 billion mark. We are scattered all over the world and have jointly created a brilliant material civilization. In our cognition, there are only three kinds of human beings: yellow, white and black. But in fact, there are other colors of human beings on the earth, such as green and blue. Are they mutated human beings or descendants of aliens?

Blue race

Once upon a time, an investigation team found traces of two kinds of people in the mountains of Africa. At that time, they were conducting a biological investigation in the mountains. Suddenly, they found that there were several people in the dense forest. These people flashed by and attracted the attention of the exploration team. So the expedition team secretly followed these figures and found that they went to a cave. At this time, the expedition team found that the skin of these people was blue. Dressed in animal skins and leaves, they feed on insects and ants, just like a primitive inhabitant. In addition to the blue race in Africa, American scientists have found some monks in the Himalayas. Their skin and blood are blue. Even at an altitude of 6000 meters, they still look like they are unaffected.

Green people

In addition to the blue people, there are also a group of green people living on the African continent. They are a primitive tribe. They have been living in isolated caves. There are only about 3000 people in the whole tribe. Besides their skin, their blood is also green. Scientists believe that photosynthesis may be the reason why they can survive in humid caves. Although there is a supplement of solar energy, but due to long-term survival in the cave, the skin has become green, many people think they are the descendants of aliens.

Why isn’t their blood red?

This view has not been recognized by scientists. We have sent multiple signals to the universe, but there is still no response. It is still unknown whether aliens exist. These people’s skin and blood show other colors, perhaps because of blood protein. These blue people live in steep mountains with thin air, and the annual temperature is about minus 40 degrees. In order to survive, these people have to synthesize a large amount of heme in their bodies, and a large amount of heme accumulates in their blood vessels to form blue.

Scientists have done an experiment according to the gene mutation of green people. They cultured chloroplasts in green algae in eggs. A month later, they found that chloroplasts still have vitality. Therefore, they believe that photosynthesis is an important factor for the survival of chloroplasts. So is another kind of people in Africa. Their blood contains a lot of back elements, which makes the blood healthy Now it’s green.

Of course, these are just the conjectures of scientists. There is still no final conclusion as to why the skin color of these people is different from ours. But what is certain is that they are genuine Earthlings, not descendants of aliens. What do you think?

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