New technology or memory can be copied and pasted, if it’s you, do you want such immortality?

In the spotlight, Allen showed a new brain computer interface live on YouTube. The device actually looks a bit like a Chinese dollar coin, and a wire protruding from one side of it is embedded in the human skull. And this device can detect when human neurons are triggered or send electrical signals to trigger neurons. As for why to develop this device, the company replied that with the loss of time, everyone will have more or less problems at this level, including memory loss or other diseases. Then he wants to change the status quo very much, and he also put forward his own beautiful imagination of the future. In the future, you can save your memory and be happy Enough to recover your memory means that you can store and back up your memory first, and then recover it. If your cells are frozen and reproduced, and constantly input your memory through the technology of human cloning, isn’t your existence a part of immortality?

If it were you, would you want to live forever with complete memory?

And they’re experimenting with a little pig, which was implanted with this interface two months ago, and all the signals from the brain area connected to its nose will be monitored and sent to the mobile phone through Bluetooth technology. In fact, we all know that memory and brain system are so complex that scientific and technological exploration is nothing more than that. Is it true that memory can be copied and pasted through this device, as the person in charge of the experiment said?

Before studying this problem, we must first remember how memory appears. Due to the continuous evolution of human beings, people’s cognition of memory is gradually improved. Now the mainstream view is that, according to the neuron theory, this is a connection between nerve cells, and a certain kind of coding is obtained in this dynamic. Neurons not only have the ability to stimulate and transmit signals, but also have the ability to record this process. At the same time, these neurons also synthesize some proteins, some of which change the precise structure of the brain. In this way, the brain proteins will relocate on the cell membrane, or produce protein modifications, which can cause the enhancement or modification of connections Weakening, causing the nervous system to grow or branch.

So this happens in neurons all over the brain, so they’re all involved in the modulation of network concussion, so that’s why as you get older, your memory can still be widely stored.

So, after understanding these basic knowledge, can the memory of future people be copied? This kind of copy and backup has appeared in films and TV works more than once, including the matrix or Doraemon. Of course, this is the sci-fi scene set by the writers. In real life, the United States has done such an experiment. They used monkeys and mice as experimental objects, and used a kind of manual control of the hippocampus to successfully realize the process of transient memory transformation. Of course, this is not the case This experiment shocked the whole biological world. In a sense, human beings have been able to artificially interfere with memory and complete the copy and backup of memory, but this experimental result has not made a major breakthrough in human beings. In other words, whether it can be used in human body depends on the final results.

This result also makes experts doubt the backup of memory. Firstly, should we avoid legal risks to protect personal privacy? Secondly, do we need to copy all our memories? Finally, how to select the good memory or the bad memory? Can we only leave the good memory and delete the bad memory?

What is certain now is that all kinds of memories exist. The advantages and disadvantages may be waiting until the day when you can persist in copying. If it was you, would you like to store your memory in this way?

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