“New world” captured by Chinese satellite? The area is equal to 3 France, moving to Asia!

With the development of human civilization, great changes have taken place in the earth’s environment. The development of science and technology is always accompanied by the development of resources. The excessive exploitation of the earth’s resources by human beings is bound to cause the deterioration of the earth’s environment and the lack of resources. Today, human beings can only survive on limited land, but scientists claim that a new continent has emerged on the earth, but it is unclaimed and uninhabited. What is the reason for this?




8 mainland



Scientists call this new continent “the Eighth Continent”, which is located along the Pacific coast of the United States. This is the Eighth Continent photographed by China’s satellite. This continent floats on the vast sea surface, which attracts scientists’ attention because it is not a natural continent, but a garbage continent derived from the development of human civilization. This garbage continent is still floating in the windless zone of the Pacific Ocean, with an area of 1.4 million kilometers, equivalent to the area of three France. These wastes come from all over the world and weigh 4 million tons. In fact, they do not belong to any country, but belong to all mankind.


In so much waste, plastic waste accounts for a large part. Nowadays, plastic has penetrated into every corner of human life, which brings great convenience to our life. However, the earth’s environment is facing a severe test. After all, plastic cannot be decomposed. Many plastic wastes are stacked on the ground and sea, which may take hundreds of years to be completely decomposed.


The environmental situation of the earth


Although many countries have formulated policies to control waste discharge, there are still many backward areas where there is no way to properly dispose of the waste. The waste is piled up near the river, moved into the ocean, and finally gathered in this garbage continent with the ocean current movement. As time goes by, more and more waste is produced. In the past 10 years, the waste content has doubled Times.


What worries scientists is that although this garbage continent is in the windless zone of the Pacific Ocean, with the influence of the global ocean current movement, this garbage continent seems to be marching towards Asia. If it enters the Asian territory, it will also be a big threat to China. Nowadays, the global environment is facing a severe test. After seeing this garbage continent, it also sounded the alarm for all mankind. China is also actively formulating garbage treatment policies, but the results are still relatively small.


After all, human beings produce more than 300 million wastes every year. If these wastes want to be completely decomposed, it is a problem that needs to be solved. Scientists are also actively looking for materials that can replace plastics, but they have no particularly ideal effect. We believe that in the future, human beings can carry out technological transformation, and the earth’s environment will be able to take on a new look.

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