Nine sharks died one after another, their intestines were everted and torn, but there was no killer

The death of a shark at Waikiki aquarium in Hawaii broke all the original tranquility – this shark suddenly appeared a phenomenon when all the fish were dying. First of all, it became very short of breath, and it was staggering when it was swimming forward. The most important thing was that it couldn’t keep its balance as before. But the most terrible thing is that in the following time, one shark appeared the same abnormal phenomenon one after another, two of which just showed the same behavior as the first one, but all the remaining sharks had already lost their life signs when they were found.

The translated autopsy report showed that a large number of bacteria were detected in the blood of all the sharks, so it can be determined that their cause of death was sepsis. Septicemia is caused by bacterial infection. However, sharks have their own immune system to prevent the invasion of bacteria, so the detection of a large number of bacteria in the blood must be due to some serious damage in the body, which led to the invasion of bacteria. Therefore, looking for the wound invaded by bacteria is an important key point.

According to the anatomic analysis of zoologists, it was found that its abdominal fins had been bitten and its intestines had been torn. In the subsequent autopsy report, it was found that four of the sharks had wounds near the cloaca. Finally, through the unified identification of experts, all the dead sharks were found to be seriously missing or torn in their intestines, so in the final analysis, the cause of death of all sharks is intestinal eversion and then being bitten to death.

The strangest thing is that these sharks are all aquarium sharks, and their intestines naturally stay in the body. So how did the killer do it? Experts first put forward their own views in higher vertebrates. There is a mechanism of vomiting reflex, which means that if animals think they have eaten something poisonous or indigestible by mistake, they will spit out the contents of their stomach. And cartilage fish, such as sharks, this mechanism is even more terrible. They can turn the whole intestine out of the body, so they can completely remove food residues or parasites. Maybe experts have a reasonable guess, isn’t it. Did the shark take the initiative to pull its gut out of the body?

The ultimate answer to this question is naturally to return to sharks. Shark cartilage fish, in fact, have a relatively special structure, that is spiral internal structure. This structure can delay the time of food in the intestines, and increase all the absorption area, so sharks can better absorb nutrients through this structure, so this place should also become a parasite heap.

So the experts’ reasonable imagination has begun again. Is it a self-conscious act of cleaning indigestible food residues and parasites that sharks take the initiative to turn their intestines out? According to the research of zoologists, every time some sharks talk about their intestines turning out of the body, there will be the release of unknown substances, and these unknown substances obviously attract the nearby whale sharks, real sharks and other fierce fish to eat.

At this time, another phenomenon of California ocean world also confirmed that a shark discharged six tapeworm fragments in the process of intestinal eversion. In 2012, another shark was attacked and died by other torpedoes in the process of intestinal eversion, but no parasites were found in its intestine – that’s because it seems that after he turned out his intestine, all parasites were washed dry It’s clean. So experts speculate that these sharks attract many predators when their intestines are everted, and they are attacked and killed by predators.

It turns out that this is the truth that nine sharks died one after another. Nature has given sharks many advantages, but its intestinal eversion is equivalent to Achilles’ heel, which makes people have to sigh about the wonder of biology.

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