Nisi lake water monster has been born. Does Tianchi lake water monster in Changbai Mountain really exist?

According to the sun on March 19, a mysterious creature similar to the Loch Ness water monster was found on the beach of wolf Island, Georgia, USA. the photo of this creature is shocking, causing a lot of comments from netizens. People joked that the Loch Ness water monster may have migrated to the United States.

At the same time, how much do you know about the world’s top ten water monsters? Today, I’d like to show you the most mysterious one, Changbai Mountain Tianchi water monster.

The dense forest of Changbai Mountain, the Tianchi lake formed by volcanic eruption, and many legends of Tianchi Lake have added a deep veil to his mystery. The legend of Tianchi water monster in Changbai Mountain has a long history. Does Tianchi water monster really exist?

According to the records, there were reports of water monsters as early as 1962, and up to now, there are no less than dozens of reports, including many pictures and oral statements. In addition, Tianchi lake itself is the deepest lake in China and was once the place of Longxiang in the Qing Dynasty. All kinds of identities make it more mysterious. Let’s analyze it together.

In winter, Changbai Mountain is extremely cold. The surface of Tianchi Lake is covered with ice. There is nothing else on the lake except ice and snow. In summer, Changbai Mountain is full of vitality. The water on the lake is sparkling and rippling for thousands of miles.

These are the surface of Tianchi Lake. It is actually a dormant volcano. The lake has accumulated water to form a lake. The average temperature of the lake water is only 7.3 degrees Celsius due to the altitude. It can be said that the water temperature is extremely low, and most aquatic organisms are difficult to survive. So why do so many photographers take clear pictures? There is only one possibility to go deep into it, that is, in the 1960s, In the east of Tianchi Lake, North Korea, in order to cater to the interests of its top leader, has put a large number of cold water fish fry into Tianchi Lake for food. Among them, there may be a large fish, Zhero salmon, which may grow into a giant beast of about 5 meters and 10 tons. Is this kind of giant beast our Tianchi lake monster?

There is no strong evidence to support the conjecture. Let’s wait for the water monster to show its true colors. However, one thing is certain. Tianchi receives tens of thousands of tourists every day, and only a few people are lucky to see it. Is it a lucky arrival for those who see the water monster?

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