No.19 typhoon “Suli” attacked strongly on the evening of the 23rd. How will it affect China’s coastal areas?

In recent years, there are more and more natural disasters. In summer, people can’t stand the high temperature. This year, not only the high temperature continues, but also the frequency of typhoons is very high. In the past three months, there has been at least one typhoon every week, and the intensity is strong and weak. The highest wind force of the strongest typhoon center can reach 15, and the weakest typhoon center can also reach 12.

The harm of typhoon is very big. The strong wind makes many buildings collapse. At the same time, typhoon also brings heavy rainfall, causing floods, debris flows, landslides and other natural disasters. It can be seen that typhoon has become the biggest disaster faced by people this year. When the high temperature comes, you can hide in the house or blow the air conditioner and do not go out. When the strong typhoon comes, if your house is not strong enough, it may not be possible Stop the typhoon.

Fortunately, typhoons can be predicted in advance. When a typhoon forms on the sea, the meteorological department can monitor it by satellite. It can make predictions a few days in advance and track the trend of the typhoon at any time. A few days ago, this year’s No. 19 typhoon “Suli” has begun to take shape. The meteorological department also makes predictions in time, and timely releases typhoon “Suli” on the website of the central meteorological station every day ”What’s the latest in the world.

According to the latest news from today’s Meteorological Observatory, this year’s No.19 typhoon Suli weakened from strong typhoon level to typhoon level in the early morning of today (23rd, the same below). At 5 o’clock in the morning, its center is located in the northeast of the East China Sea. The maximum wind near the center is level 13 (40 m / s), and the minimum pressure in the center is 960 HPA. The radius of level 7 wind circle is 260-400 km, the radius of level 10 wind circle is 100-120 km, and the wind is level 12 The circle radius is 50 km.

It is estimated that Suli will move northward and northeastward at a speed of about 10 kilometers per hour, and will enter the southeast of the Yellow Sea. It will land on the southwest coast of the Korean Peninsula on the evening of the 23rd (28-35 M / s, 10-12, severe tropical storm or typhoon), and then cross the Korean peninsula into the sea of Japan, with the intensity gradually weakening.

After entering China, typhoon Suli will continue to move. In the next three days, it will affect most parts of China and bring heavy rainfall. From the 23rd to the 25th, there will be a strong rainfall process in Northeast China. Affected by the confluence of cold and warm air, strong precipitation occurred in some areas of Guizhou, Yunnan and other places on the 23rd. Affected by the tropical disturbance system, there will be strong precipitation in the east of Jiangnan, the east of South China and Taiwan Island in the next three days.

Although the wind force of Typhoon No. 19 is relatively weak, its influence scope this time is very wide. Basically, it will affect most areas of our country to have rainfall, and some areas will have rainstorm. This is another test for human beings.

Many netizens are tucking up the Internet. Did we make complaints about typhoon this year? How come this typhoon comes one after another, and has not been over the last typhoon, and a new typhoon has come again. So why are there so many typhoons this year? In fact, it has something to do with the destruction of the natural environment by human beings.

The formation of typhoon is inseparable from high temperature. The more high temperature weather, the more severe the air convection on the sea, and the easier it is to form typhoon. The high temperature of this year is stronger than that of last year. Now global warming is a very serious problem, but scientists have no good way to make the temperature of the earth fall.

The reason for the rising global temperature is the greenhouse effect. A large number of carbon dioxide emissions make the greenhouse effect more and more severe, and most of these carbon dioxide are products of human industry, such as various industrial exhaust gases, fuel vehicle emissions, etc. This is the evil result of the rapid development of human science and technology and the neglect of environmental protection.

A lot of people will say that if we want to reduce the global temperature, we must cut off the root cause. The reason is very simple, but it is very difficult to implement. For example, the exhaust emissions of fuel vehicles will emit a lot of greenhouse gases. But is it possible to ask people not to drive fuel vehicles and let these automobile companies not produce fuel vehicles?

Obviously, it’s impossible. It affects the interests of many people. Friends who read this article, if you have a fuel car at home, will you keep it on the road and walk or ride an electric car every day? Of course, it’s impossible. It’s very difficult for everyone to achieve green travel. If everyone can do it, there won’t be so many cars in the city every year, and there will be traffic jams every rush hour.

The only way to solve these problems is to develop new energy sources and replace traditional chemical fuels with green energy sources. For example, electric vehicles can replace fuel vehicles. However, it is not possible to completely replace fuel vehicles with electric vehicles in a short time. It will take at least 30 years for western developed countries to do so, while developing countries such as China It may take another 50 years for electric cars to completely replace fuel vehicles.

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. If we want to control the rise of global temperature and make the annual number of typhoons no longer rise, we must act together to protect the environment. As long as everyone has the awareness of protecting the environment, the earth’s environment will be better and better.

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