No wonder girls like to put condoms in their wallets

Today, Xiao Bian is going to talk about a very serious topic, condom!! Speaking of this, many people are afraid that they will only think of shame ~ ~ today I’m going to teach you to focus on other uses of condoms!

1. Hemostatic bandage

In the wild, you may be injured and bleed for various reasons. At this time, the condom can be used as a hemostatic bandage~

2. The artifact of taking water

It’s a headache to get water in the wild. It’s impossible to have so many artifact on hand, so condoms play an important role at this time. A condom can hold two liters of water at a time. When it’s boring, it can be made into water bombs to throw at each other~~

3. Magnifying glass

It’s normal that there is no fire in the wild. At this time, fill the condom with water and make it into a round ball. This is a super lovely magnifying glass. It can gather sunshine to live. Secondly, the condom material is special, and its flammability is relatively high, so it can also ignite some combustibles.

4. Sealing effect

Some can products, and some perishable food, wrapped with condoms can greatly reduce this situation.

5. Life buoy

We all know that a condom can be blown into a balloon, but its air tightness is better than that of a balloon. When we don’t have a life buoy near the water, a few condoms can be blown into a simple life buoy connected with a rope.

6. Waterproof artifact

If you put electronic products such as mobile phones and cameras into the condom and tie the mouth tightly, it can be waterproof without affecting the buttons. It is a necessary artifact for home travel.

7. Ice pack

If someone is sick and needs to use an ice bag, but the ice is cold and hard, what should I do. Condom is very useful at this time. It can be solved by putting ice water on it~

8. Leather case

Girls often can’t find a leather case, how to tie their hair. At this time, cut the condom, OK! No wonder girls like to put condoms in their wallets.

9. Shower head

How to take a shower without a shower head in the wild? Don’t worry, just put a few holes in the condom.

10. Shoe cover

Rainy day no boots, small white shoes dirty how to do, take out the condom~~

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