No wonder island women are so popular with men

Women in China, South Korea and Japan belong to the same Asian countries and look almost the same. What is the reason that Chinese men love Japanese women more? Let’s make a comparison.

First of all, let’s get to know Chinese women: we often hear Chinese women say that they will never be a woman in their next life during their physiological and productive periods. Similarly, women who have been Chinese women in this life always lead a life of the wrong sex. But most of the time, they use women’s identity to seek men’s help. And girls in love also want to occupy absolute dominance, men live like a pet to please the owner, every day to be careful of life. This kind of serious feminism of Chinese women leads most Chinese men to suffer.

Don’t Chinese women have any advantages at all? Certainly not. After marriage, Chinese women will take care of their husband’s family and take care of her husband’s family. They live the hardest life as a housewife and sometimes suffer from their husband’s complaints. They will live one after another for the sake of their husband’s son preference. From this point of view, Chinese women are physically and psychologically strong, which makes up for feminism. Chinese women, you deserve it.

Now let’s talk about Korean women.

Korean women are deeply influenced by Confucian culture. They teach their husbands and children at home. They are enthusiastic about everything their husbands do, and they are very coquettish. They are always sweet to talk to their boyfriends. They hold your arms and shout to their brothers, but few men can carry them. In terms of dressing, it absolutely meets the eyes of all men. Korean women dress boldly and sexy, which makes them look pleasant. Who doesn’t like girls?

It is precisely because Korean people advocate beauty that the cosmetic surgery industry in South Korea is particularly developed. It is difficult for you to guarantee that the girl you marry is pure natural or not. When you have a child that looks different from your wife’s, you have to consider how much money you have to save to prepare for the cost of cosmetic surgery

Japanese women are small and lovely because of the climate. There is not a saying that men like to look at girls who are protective. Japanese women can satisfy all men’s fantasies about women. They worship their husbands and regard them as masters. Their daily work is to clean up the housework and take care of men. Think about it, when you work for a day, a woman will bow to you as soon as you enter the room I said welcome back, isn’t it very happy? And Japanese women’s concept of sex is very open, absolutely can meet all the requirements as a man.

But when you choose Japanese women, you should also consider whether you have enough money. Japanese women will not work after marriage, and their husbands’ salaries are kept by their wives. In addition, because the Japanese concept of sex is too open, you don’t know if the woman you married ever had a helping hand at school.

Japanese women often attract Chinese men with the image of being considerate, gentle and considerate. As a saying goes, men like the ladies in the living room, the housewives in the kitchen and the sluts in the bed. Japanese women just meet the needs of men. But the fact that Japanese women are popular with Chinese men does not mean that Chinese women are inferior to Japanese women. In Xiaobian’s opinion, every man has his own Mona Lisa in his heart.

After reading this article, you might as well discuss with Xiaobian which country women do you prefer?

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