No wonder they gave up their plan after landing on the moon once. The astronauts took this picture!

In July 1969, American astronaut Armstrong became the first person to land on the moon under the heavy responsibility of NASA, completed a series of exploration missions on the surface of the moon, and finally returned to earth with victory.

This light was shot by Armstrong just after landing on the surface of the moon. After all, it’s a human from the earth. Seeing such a strange light, Armstrong instinctively pressed the camera, which is this picture. After Armstrong returned to the earth, many scientists studied this picture, but they didn’t come to a conclusion. Some people once suspected that this was a normal phenomenon of brilliance on the moon, but a few years later, there is still no reliable conclusion. In other words, the secret has been kept for decades.

Some people speculate that this is the unique brilliance of the moon, while others speculate that this is the masterpiece of aliens. However, no matter what the claim is, it is only the imagination of astronomy enthusiasts, and there is no accurate conclusion. But in fact, Xiaobian also wants to say that the first moon landing brings down such a difficult problem. No wonder the United States never goes to the moon again after one moon landing. This is just a joke

Up to now, we don’t know where such a mysterious light comes from, but it can at least prove that there are many things we don’t know about the moon. There are various opinions and speculations about the moon, but no one knows what strange things exist on the moon. All these things still need to be explored by scientists.

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