None of the staff in these hotels is alive, but there are a lot of guests, especially the fifth one

With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence is getting closer and closer to us. When we are immersed in the world of science fiction blockbusters, intelligent machines have been put into use in real life. AI works in a wider range in Japan, not only in street vending machines, but also in hotel robot receptions. Of course, artificial intelligence is not exclusive to Japan. Let’s talk about where there is artificial intelligence.

1. The strange hotel opened in the theme park haustenberg of Nagasaki in 2005 is an intelligent hotel, which is different from other romantic theme dream hotels. The reception of this hotel is a multi lingual dinosaur. No matter what needs to be solved, the robot can help you. Such a hotel has now opened three branches and won the Guinness Book of records for “the first hotel with robot work” in November 2016.

2. The first uninhabited hotel experience Pavilion in guiao Times Square is the first uninhabited hotel in China. The apartment uses the uninhabited system. The tenant can book a room with one button through the hausfield app and scan the QR code to enter the room. The room adopts the full intelligent operating system and has a full set of household appliances, which can meet the dual-use needs of businesses.

3. Blueberry hotel chain is also a hotel accompanied by artificial intelligence. Guests can search the name of the store through meituan, qunar and other network platforms to book a room, and the hotel will also send the room password and address to the mobile phone after booking a room. At the same time, blueberry hotel chain has realized 24-hour hot water.

2. Chase Hotel is an unmanned self-service hotel in Taiwan, and it has introduced the run robot. What you need during your stay can be sent to you through mobile phone operation. You can be lazy in the room and get everything you need, which should be the gospel of lazy cancer patients.

3. Recently in Hangzhou, AI allows guests to choose rooms at any time during their stay in the hotel, and observe the inside and outside of the hotel with VR glasses, which is the same visual experience as watching a 3D blockbuster. What’s more humanized is that each room is equipped with an intelligent speaker. As long as you lie on the bed and speak, you can control the switch and adjust the temperature at any time.

I believe that with the development of time, artificial intelligence will be more perfect and closer to people’s life. We might as well imagine what the future of artificial intelligence will be like? What are the conveniences brought to people? Is such AI really helping human beings? Think about the blockbusters we’ve seen before. Are you afraid that artificial intelligence will replace human beings in the future?

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