None of the “three deceptions” of prehistoric civilization is true. Why do people still believe it?

The existence of prehistoric civilization is full of many controversies. Before the emergence of human beings, there was a large period of blank time on the earth. Was there really no intelligent life in this blank period? In order to solve this puzzle, scientists have been in the process of research. In history, some unearthed cultural relics were used as evidence of prehistoric civilization. For example, the next four cultural relics were firmly believed to be pre civilization. However, after research, we learned that these cultural relics were all scams. Let’s follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Crystal skull

Maya civilization is an important part of human development. Legends about them still emerge in endlessly. They have made many predictions about the earth, many of which have been verified. In many legends, the crystal skull can be said to account for too much weight. It is said that 12 crystal skulls of Maya can be found. After collecting these skulls, we can know the world and travel through time and space. In 1956, an explorer named Michel haggis and her daughter found a crystal skull in the Mayan ruins, which is still preserved in the museum.

This crystal skull is very well made. At that time, people did not have exquisite polishing technology. Even modern people had to rely on advanced equipment to complete it. After that, with the deepening of the research of scientists, they found that this crystal skull is just an ordinary handicraft, which does not have the ability to know the world and travel through time and space. They found that there are traces of modern craft polishing on this skull, which does not belong to Mayan civilization.

Baghdad Battery

In addition to the crystal skull, the Bagdad battery was also highly respected. In the 1930s, humans discovered a large number of pottery pots with metal tubes inserted into the sleeves. When they opened these pots, they found that there were wires inside the pots. At that time, people thought that these pots were actually batteries. This discovery surprised the scientific community. As a modern technology, how did ancient people master this technology? After years of research, scientists found that the Bagdad battery is not real, but a pottery pot made by modern human beings.

nuclear reactor

In addition to the above two items, the nuclear reactor in the last century also caused a dispute. With the development of science and technology, nuclear reactors have become very common. The reason why this reactor has caused many disputes is that it has existed for 2 billion years. Then, according to the field survey by scientists, the nuclear reactor was not left by human beings, but formed in the natural evolution.

So many evidences suspected of the existence of prehistoric civilization have been overturned one by one by mankind. If we want to solve the mystery of prehistoric civilization, we may have to rely on future science and technology. Do you think prehistoric civilization existed?

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