Not only silk stockings and high-heeled shoes, these four kinds of “female products” were invented for men at the beginning

It’s a woman’s nature to love beauty. It seems that a woman will give full play to her talent of finding beauty. She will become the most beautiful person in the whole street by painting beautiful makeup, wearing small skirts and sexy stockings. As a matter of fact, some of the women’s articles we use now were first invented for men. Do you understand? Today, I’ll take you to know about these “men’s articles”.

1、 Silk stockings

Yes, you’re right. It’s silk stockings. Have you ever seen a beautiful woman in silk stockings or a strong man in silk stockings? Silk stockings were first born in the 15th century, when men’s pants were mostly shorts, so silk stockings were sought after by many noble men as soon as they were born. Fashionable fluffy shorts with tight lace stockings, aristocratic trend is always so simple.

In the 16th century, the European Court and the upper class were obsessed with color pantyhose. At that time, the popular colors were white, pink and blue, and the long silk stockings decorated with bows and lace were luxuries that only aristocrats could use. At the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of fashion was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Fashion is no longer the prerogative of the upper class. Women from all walks of life have joined in the pursuit of fashion. Women’s clothing broke through the conservative tradition, but chose to show the legs of the design, stockings become a unique scenery on women’s legs. But the fibers used to make socks at that time were all natural, such as cotton, wool and silk. However, due to the lack of elasticity of these materials, the manufacturing consumption is great, and the knitted socks are easy to collapse.

In 1937, DuPont produced a kind of hard, wear-resistant, thin and flexible filament at high temperature. This is later widely known as nylon fiber, its arrival to meet the majority of women’s demand for silk and stockings. Soon World War II broke out. Nylon was listed as military supplies, and the production of silk stockings was paralyzed. In 1942, nylon stockings began to be sold in limited quantities. Stockings panic began to spread, the beauty of the ladies had to use eyebrow pencil in the leg to draw the stripes of stockings.

Interestingly, in a survey on what women wanted most during World War II, two-thirds of women chose “nylon stockings” and only one-third chose “men”. It can be seen that women at that time loved silk stockings. After the Second World War, nylon production finally resumed, and women happily queued up to buy nylon stockings, which caused no less sensation than the current live broadcast. In the 1970s, in order to solve the problem of insufficient elasticity of nylon stockings, yarn manufacturers began to invent Lycra. Lycra with high elasticity can naturally show the beauty of women’s body curve, and stockings have become a necessity for women’s modernization. At this time, the social definition of men is becoming gentlemanly and tough. With the appearance of suits, silk stockings gradually fade out of the scope of men’s choice and only serve women.

2、 High heeled shoes

If the current stockings in women’s daily life is not essential, then this product is really every woman can not refuse the existence. Yes, high heels.

A pair of high-heeled shoes can make women’s weight move back, legs straight, more perfect to show a beautiful body. However, the earliest high-heeled shoes were actually designed and used by men.

When Western high-heeled shoes first appeared, it was for the convenience of people


The feet can buckle the stirrups when the horse is in motion. It was not until the end of the 16th century that high-heeled shoes became the fashion of nobles. Some short men began to use high-heeled shoes to make themselves look taller. If the heel of high-heeled shoes is thickened and the height is adjusted properly, it becomes the daily high-heeled shoes suitable for men. The most famous one is the short one

Louis XIV

In order to make himself look bigger, more powerful, more confident and more authoritative, he asked the shoemaker to install a 4-inch heel on his shoes and paint the heel red to show his dignity.

In the 18th century, high-heeled shoes began to become an important element of men’s and women’s fashion, and women gradually became the main buyers of high-heeled shoes. In the 19th century, Mary Jane’s shoes went on the market. At that time, the shoemaking technology gradually matured, and the long and thin heels became a must buy for many women. High heeled shoes have also been introduced into China. For example, the famous vase bottom in the Qing Dynasty is a combination of high-heeled shoes and Chinese elements, but it is not accepted by the public because of its uncomfortable wearing.

Nowadays, all kinds of high-heeled shoes have already become women’s favorite. Even if we know that long-term wearing high-heeled shoes has many hazards, we still can’t refuse its temptation.

3、 Wig

Wig is very important for many girls who want to change their hairstyle but don’t want to cut their hair. Wig appeared very early, and it was invented and used by men at the beginning. In France in the 17th century, the reigning king Louis 13 had very little hair. At that time, baldness was a very humiliating thing. In order to cover up this shortcoming and maintain the dignity of the king, King Louis 13 ordered people to make a wig elaborately. It is the so-called good in the top, but bad in the bottom. At that time, wigs began to be popular in France. As a fashion leader, France was imitated by other countries, so wigs quickly swept across Europe.

In the beginning, human hair was used in wigs. It was not until 1822 that laffenslov invented the wig making technology using horsetail that human hair was stopped. At present, there are many kinds of wigs for people to choose from. Wigs are not only used to cover up baldness, but also become a fashion decoration.

4、 Miniskirt

Remember not bad money of the skits, Shenyang will wear shorts like a skirt, “Mom, you are quite Scottish style ah!” Because in Scotland, there is less “Scottish style” for men who don’t wear plaid skirts.

There are different opinions about the origin of the short skirt between England and Scotland. The English believe that Tom Rawlinson invented the Scottish short skirt. In 1715, the British government issued a decree to allow people in England and Scotland to trade with each other. Seeing the business opportunities, Tom Rawlinson opened a charcoal painting processing plant in northern Scotland. He designed a kind of work clothes with a wide shawl. Because the shawl was a whole, it was very inconvenient to cut down trees, so Tom Rawlinson decided to cut the shawl from the middle and cut down the lower part Like a short skirt, this is the rudiment of the Scottish short skirt.

The Scots believe that in the 16th century, the Scottish skirt has been invented, the first is a kind of cloth folded up to wrap the body. At first, it used a piece of uncut cloth more than 1.5 meters wide and 6 meters long, folded and wrapped on the body, and the waist was fixed with a belt. In order to deal with the rainy and cold climate, the cloth is soaked with goose oil to achieve the effect of waterproof. This dress is very suitable for highland climate and terrain. The shape of the lower part of the body is similar to that of the Scottish skirt, which is more comfortable than the trousers and can move freely; the upper part can be used as a cloak to keep out the cold, and the belt is a blanket. After the 19th century, this traditional dress was gradually accepted and became the symbol of Scottish national characteristics. In Scotland, Scottish skirt is a very solemn dress, which is usually worn on important occasions such as weddings. The plaid on the skirt also has an important meaning. It was a Scottish tradition at that time to use different plaids to distinguish different grades.

At present, many short skirts also learn from the tartan characteristics of Scottish short skirts, and all kinds of tartan short skirts have become famous and fashionable.

After a long introduction, are you surprised to find that most of the items that modern women pursue beauty are invented by men, and they are all male items?

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