November 2, the earth’s “uninvited guests” or come, may endanger a major event!

Another bad news, the earth or ushered in an “uninvited guest”, the human hand!

This year is doomed to be an unsettled year. The earth has repeatedly experienced anomalies. Global warming has changed the face of the north and south poles. The melting of glaciers has led to a sharp rise in sea level. People living in coastal areas can not say what they have suffered. Every day, we have to make a living, which makes it more and more difficult to survive. Through these disasters, it indirectly shows that the earth is in danger. These are not the most fatal problems of the earth. Asteroid impact is the most terrible.

Dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago. The theory of meteorite impact has been widely spread. Dinosaurs have too many advantages. If it were not for natural disasters, it would not have gone extinct and ushered in today’s human life. Not long ago, there was a big bad news. Before the US election, the earth will welcome an unexpected guest. According to NASA, an asteroid is expected to be the closest to the earth on November 2, with a 0.41% probability of entering the atmosphere. It may pass by the earth or make a direct impact on the earth. Another bad news, the earth or ushered in an “uninvited guest”, the human hand!

Possible impacts of asteroids on the earth

It should be noted that November 3 will be the general election of the United States, which makes people not only sweat for it. Asteroids are no stranger in the astronomical world. There have been many meteorite impacts in the history of the earth. Despite the small size of the asteroid, when it approaches the earth, the pressure will arise spontaneously. In the 1970s, there was an asteroid near the earth, although it did not collide with the earth. In 2018, the planet will appear again.

Strangely, after 13 days around the earth, it suddenly disappeared and never saw it again. Recently, NASA has observed this asteroid again, which has attracted the attention of the whole world. Accidents always happen inadvertently. We can’t guarantee whether this asteroid will harm the earth, but its existence is a hidden danger. If it deviates from its orbit due to gravity and hits the earth, the possibility is also great.

Will this asteroid endanger the earth?

After in-depth study of the asteroid, experts preliminarily determined that it does not pose a great threat to the earth. Even if it hits the earth, it may not feel too deep, because its diameter is less than two meters, and hitting the earth may be like tickling. There was a meteorite impact in Russia in 2013, but when it was about to hit the ground, it was suddenly disintegrated by a mysterious force, which did not cause much damage. In fact, human science and technology has been significantly improved, which can accurately predict whether these celestial bodies will hit the earth. If they threaten the earth, they will take relevant measures to deal with it.

Scientists carefully measured the trajectory of the asteroid, and found that the possibility of its real impact with the earth is too low. Of course, we can not ignore its hidden danger, because the day after it gets close to the earth is the US election, which may directly affect the result. The unexpected arrival of this uninvited guest has caused agitation in the scientific community. Do you think it will pass by the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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