Now, after years of human degradation, human organs have been eliminated again?

Now, after years of human degradation, human organs have been eliminated again?

Human beings are the most special intelligent life on earth, with the consciousness of independent thinking. The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Many behaviors made by human beings are directed by the brain. It is precisely because the human body has a smart brain that it can distinguish between human beings and animals. All along, human civilization has been evolving. It can not only create products with both hands, but also solve problems through brain thinking.

From Darwin’s theory of evolution, we know that human beings evolved from apes. In the course of evolution, many organs gradually evolved after many hardships. On the other hand, many organs that are not commonly used in human body have disappeared completely. Nature has been following the rule of survival of the fittest, some of the organs that have been eliminated are certainly of little use, and human beings need not feel sad. In principle, these organs that have disappeared are impossible to reappear. Now, after years of human degradation, human organs have been eliminated again?

However, in the research, scientists have found that there is an organ in human body, which was once abandoned and now reappears again, that is, Fabry bone with the rule of reverse growth. Many people gradually forget the existence of Fabry bone. It mainly exists in the kneecap bone of mammals. It can be seen from the outside of the body. It is suitable for primates, such as monkeys and orangutans. They all have Fabry bone. The function of this kind of Fabry bone is not as good as the brain, so evolution is not perfect. It is because of this imperfect evolution that human beings throw it away It’s abandoned.

By the 19th century, scientists had learned that 11% of human beings had faberi bone. By 2019, the number of people who had faberi bone had reached 40%. It was unbelievable and attracted the attention of the whole world. Many people wondered why this long lost faberi bone would reappear again? A lot of people have speculated.

Now has entered the modern society, the amount of human exercise is gradually increasing, the appearance of Fabel bone, is likely to protect the human knee from injury, enhance the strength of the joint, avoid the harm caused by friction. Many people like sports at ordinary times, and the appearance of faberi bone is just in line with this development trend. However, some people think that the appearance of faberi bone may not be a good thing. After all, it also has some disadvantages. Otherwise, how can it disappear? These are just unknowns.

However, it is certain that there are no adverse reactions among people who have faberi bone. It can be seen that faberi bone does not cause much damage to human body. Maybe human beings are suspicious. Its appearance is just for better protection of human beings. Any organ of human body should be taken seriously. After all, organs are related to human health and safety. Once an organ fails, it will die There will be very serious problems, and even life-threatening if they are serious. What do you think is the re emergence of faberi bone? You can leave a message for interaction.

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