Now we will give the answer to the three outstanding cases that have lasted for nearly half a century, whether the mystery guest exists or not

With the development of human civilization, there are many unsolved mysteries in the world. Supernatural phenomena, the secret of suolongjing, the resurrection of ancient corpses and other strange events shuttle among the people, which bring the direction to science, and explain the reasons one by one in the progress of science. Today, Xiaobian reveals with you three outstanding cases that have lasted for half a century, and the last suspected mystery guest is coming.

No.1 “death” of parachute

The incident started on the day of President Kennedy’s death in 1963. On the day of President Kennedy’s death, it was sunny and windy. However, in the image before the president’s death, people clearly saw a man with a black umbrella. As the murderer was captured on the spot, the man with the umbrella was also hidden in the crowd… The capture of the murderer brought the matter to an end, but the man with the umbrella never appeared in public again. People think that it is “death” coming, not easy to appear in the sun. However, the truth was revealed nearly half a century later. A social newspaper reporter found in the video collection that the umbrella bearer was an anti Kennedy crowd, and the black umbrella was actually a symbol of the British Prime Minister. He wanted to use this reason to anger Kennedy, but that day was exactly the day Kennedy was killed.

No.2 walking stone

In California’s Death Valley National Park, there are giant stones with long traces walking every day. Because the park is located in the death valley with bad environment and underdeveloped technology, at that time, people thought it was the evil spirits who had died here. But later, in order to solve the puzzle, after GPS was installed inside the stone, geologists gave the answer: in the cold winter, there are many stones in the outer layer Thin ice protection, but at noon, with the wind blowing, the boulders move on the soft soil, there will be “walking” traces, and the distance is very long.

No.3 mystery

Of course, it’s not the mystery guy in the movie. It’s a Solway shot in May 1964 Spaceman Solvay astronaut photo: a father washed the film after taking a picture of his daughter and found that a person who was suspected to be wearing a spacesuit suddenly stood behind her. At that time, the police filed a case to investigate the matter and found that there was no problem with the film and photographic equipment, but the truth was gradually solved with the development of science and technology. After digital analysis of the image, it was found that the mystery of the astronaut behind her was not true It’s a sudden appearance, but the back of the girl’s mother. This kind of mysterious guest event appeared due to overexposure.

With the development of science and technology, the truth of many things that could not be explained at that time is coming to the surface one by one. The strange circle in the wheat field and the attraction of shadows are gradually being corrected by science, which also arouses people’s infinite reverie. If one day extraterrestrial civilization captures and communicates with each other, what will be the future? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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