Nuwa mending the sky is not a fabrication? What is the connection between the discovery of a “pyramid” in Liaoning and myth?

In the long course of Chinese civilization, all kinds of fairy tales have been heard, which have become the enlightenment for us to understand the world. As we go deeper into science, these myths come out. In the process of scientists’ exploration, some things found seem to verify the truth of the myth. Scientists once found a pyramid in Liaoning, which seems to be related to Nuwa’s mending the sky. What’s the matter?

Liaoning pyramid

In our cognition, the pyramid in Egypt is a world architectural miracle. Until now, the secret of the pyramid has not been revealed. At that time, how did people build such a magnificent building without the help of scientific and technological equipment? Some people think that the pyramids may have been built by prehistoric civilization, while others think that they are gifts from aliens to the earth. Although there are different opinions, it still does not stop scientists from exploring. In fact, in addition to Egypt, there are similar pyramids in other parts of the world. Some pyramids were built even earlier than Egypt.

In 1981, scientists found a long forgotten site in Liaoning Province, where they found pyramids and goddess temples. This event caused a great stir at that time. The pyramid in Liaoning is 16 meters high and 40 meters in diameter. Its construction date can be traced back to 5500 years ago, earlier than that of ancient Egypt. In ancient Egyptian culture, the pyramids were the tombs of the Pharaons. What is the implication of the pyramids unearthed in Liaoning? In order to solve the secret of the pyramid, scientists have explored the pyramid in every detail.

The relationship between Nu Wa and pyramids

Scientists found 1500 crucibles in the pyramid. After studying these crucibles, they think that this may be closely related to the legend of Nuwa mending the sky. In mythology, the sky in ancient times collapsed, and the whole land of China was destroyed. In order to save all living beings, Nu Wa used five colored stones to repair the sky and finally regained her vitality. Perhaps the dry pot in the pyramid was the tool for smelting the five colored stones at that time. In addition, scientists found that there were jade turtles in the goddess temple, which corresponded to the mythical turtle.

This is not the final discovery of scientists. In the follow-up investigation, scientists found that there were traces of meteorite falling here, which may be the same as the myth that the sky began to fall. At that time, people were in awe of ghosts and gods and didn’t know what meteorites were, so they deified natural disasters.

Because of its long history, why did this pyramid appear? What is its purpose? We have no way to research, but the discoveries of scientists seem to be related to fairy tales. I wonder if you have ever been to this pyramid?

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