Offbeat scientists make complaints about human appearance after 100 million years.

If according to the theory of evolution, then humans evolved from apes to what they are now. We can try to imagine what human beings will be like in 100 million years? Was man the master of the earth at that time? Maybe future human beings will look the same as we do now, but they will have higher IQ and create many unexpected things.

Biologists have speculated on the future of human beings, and published what human beings will look like in 100 million years. After looking at the pictures, we all feel lucky that we live in this era. Because their appearance is really a little ugly! Because with the continuous change of the earth’s environment, it is really possible for human beings to become like that.

The speculation sparked a stir. With the more and more extensive and frequent use of high-tech products such as smart phones and computers, as well as the changes in living environment, after 100 million years, human beings are getting taller and taller, their heads smaller and smaller, their eyes larger and larger, their teeth fewer and fewer, their arms longer and longer, and their wrinkles more and more. Instead of making us more handsome, time makes us look more like “aliens” and uglier.

But it’s all based on today’s aesthetics. Maybe in 100 million years’ time, that extreme look will be the most popular one! There is also a rumor that in 2045, human beings will get the secret recipe of immortality. Maybe we can really see human beings in 100 million years. Next, let’s analyze the great changes of human beings in 100 million years.

1、 Skin ptosis

After 100 million years, human beings may be destroyed by the atmospheric environment and the ozone layer will disappear, unable to resist the strong ultraviolet rays for us. And cause our skin to contact with more direct sunlight and accelerate the speed of skin sagging and aging.

2、 Changes in mouth and nose

In the future, everyone’s nose shape will become more and more similar, because the nose changes with the comfort of the external environment temperature, and the adaptability difference between the wide nose and the narrow nose due to the different weather is basically excluded. As for our mouths, a clay Cooper from the University of Leicester in the UK said that our mouths will become smaller and smaller. In the future, we will mainly communicate through facial expressions and eyes.

3、 Hair loss

Due to our high-frequency use of high-tech systems such as indoor constant temperature and central heating, it means that the “self warming” function of human body will be reduced, and the constant temperature of our body will be maintained mainly by machines. In this way, human hair will gradually decrease, even reach no hair.

4、 The intestines became shorter

Dr. Philip steimer, an American dentist, said that in the future, human intestines will become shorter, mainly to digest food as soon as possible and avoid absorbing too much fat and sugar – which will be the best evolutionary way to avoid obesity. At the same time, the shortening of intestines may lead to the shortening of upper body length.

5、 The arms are longer

The arms and fingers will be longer to reduce the extension of the arms. And the number of nerve endings on the arm will increase, because long-term use of sophisticated electronic products requires a higher level of hand eye coordination.

6、 Brain volume is reduced

Perhaps because of the development of science and technology, computers will help us to remember and think a large part of the time, and we will use our brains less and less. Chris stringer of the National Museum of natural history said: “many science fiction novels describe the future human as having a giant brain, but the giant brain is not the best choice.”

7、 The average height is more than 1.8 meters

Gary Trane, a North London orthopedic therapist, predicts that everyone will be 1.82-2.13 meters tall in 100 million years due to the continuous improvement of medical nutrition and scientific system. Dr. Trane said that the average height of the average American is about 2.54 cm higher than the average height in 1960, so the height of human beings may be higher in the future.

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