Oil is not less but more? It is clearly a non renewable resource, but why is it used more and more?

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The earth is a beautiful home shared by all human beings. We live a happy and leisurely life on this blue planet. The reason why the earth is suitable for our human survival, reproduction and development is mainly because it contains rich ecological resources and mineral resources, such as oxygen, trees and sunlight to maintain our breathing. These natural resources are indispensable, especially oil resources, which is an integral part of our daily life. We can’t travel without oil step by step. Many modern machinery and equipment also need oil, such as airplanes, cars, tanks and so on. Once there is no oil in these equipment, we will not be able to do anything. That is why all countries in the world attach great importance to oil exploitation.

Inexhaustible oil exhaustion is a false proposition


In the process of industrial civilization development, petroleum as a fuel was first used for lighting, and then gradually applied to chemical industry, textile and transportation in the continuous development of industry. Oil is the most critical and basic energy material in modern society. If we lose oil resources, it is no exaggeration to say that we can go back to ancient life. Therefore, in the history of human civilization, “depletion of oil resources” has become the most concerned thing of all countries in the world. Some people even put forward that the global oil can only be used for 30 years at most. All the time, the crisis about the shortage of oil resources makes people panic, so will the oil really be less and less as we think?

In fact, the idea of less and less oil comes from the law of multi star curve of mineral resources put forward by American geologist Herbert, which is also known as habert’s apex or peak oil theory. In this theory, habert proposed that the oil production in any region of the world will reach a maximum. Once this limit is broken, the oil production will face a very serious problem, that is, it will begin to decline.

The graph shows the vertex of habert

All in all, once the world’s oil production reaches this limit, the oil resources will be less and less in the future. Just when everyone believed in the scientific prediction of geologist Herbert, the rapid development of the U.S. oil industry completely broke him down, making him the object of ridicule for many oil mining practitioners, because according to Harbert, after 1970, the U.S. oil production should decline, but unexpectedly, after 2011, the U.S. oil production has not only declined On the contrary, there was a sharp growth, which overturned the shale oil revolution in the United States.


In addition, Saudi Arabia has always been known as the “oil kingdom”. In the world, its oil production and sales are among the best. Saudi Arabia is rich in oil resources, which makes it the richest country in the world. Faced with the increasing exploitation of oil resources, some netizens will not only ask, “why does Saudi Arabia’s oil keep flowing?” If Saudi Arabia’s oil production is reduced, it will face a decline in global oil supply. In the process of exploitation, Saudi Arabia has introduced high-end technology and equipped with luxury facilities. Its oil production has increased from 6 million barrels in 2010 to 9 million barrels in 2014. On the road of no reduction in production, Saudi Arabia will diversify its oil energy.

Why is oil used more and more? Not decreasing?

1. There is a large demand and a market, and more and more businessmen are mining


By the end of nearly half a century, the global oil production has not declined, but has increased. The reason for this is directly related to the oil market. For human beings, the essential energy in life is oil. Therefore, there is a huge potential market for oil, and more and more countries are devoting most of their energy to oil exploitation. Every year, the oil fields discovered are not only bigger than one, but also the production is increasing. Whether it’s the ocean or the desert, there’s a steady stream of new oil coming out.

However, the difference is that different places are full of oil, and the difficulty of exploitation is also different. That is to say, the greater the difficulty of exploitation, the higher the cost. For example, in some Middle East regions, the price of oil is basically stable at more than US $10. However, in China, the cost of oil exploitation is relatively high, generally as high as US $50 or US $60 per barrel. PetroChina is divided into CNOOC, PetroChina and SINOCHEM. Among them, PetroChina has the highest oil production. As the main force of China’s crude oil, PetroChina has the most advanced oil exploitation technology in the world. However, due to China’s special geographical location, the cost of oil exploitation will be relatively high. Under the double pressure of market supply and demand, China’s oil will have high cost and low production efficiency.

The picture shows an oil exploration well



Technological innovation has found the breakthrough of shale oil revolution

Oil, known as “industrial blood”, has been flowing deep in the earth’s crust for hundreds of millions of years. From discovery to exploitation, it has greatly promoted the development of human productivity. With more and more countries exploiting oil, technology has also undergone earth shaking changes. Tens of thousands of years ago, we human beings lived a life of drinking blood. With the development of science and technology, human beings control the use of energy and know how to combine new energy with science and technology.

From the 18th century to the 19th century, American scientists discovered that sperm whale oil could be used as an ideal fuel, such as lighting, etc. this high demand commodity made many businessmen seize the opportunity of catching whales. After a steady stream of killing sperm whales, human beings not only gained the maximum benefits, but also pushed sperm whales to extinction. When the natural resources of sperm whale are exhausted, human beings have found another important discovery, that is, kerosene, a natural mineral resource to replace sperm whale.


The picture shows the Japanese killing sperm whales in the 19th century

With the change of times, in the trend of commercial interests, kerosene has widely replaced sperm whales, and one kind of energy has replaced another. Up to now, oil will reach a certain peak value and become exhausted. But from the lessons of sperm whale, human beings have found a breakthrough, that is, to change oil through innovation and technology. For example, the shale oil found by human, academically, refers to the heavy crude oil made from oil shale.

Oil shale is an immature source rock without migration. Shale oil is a kind of fine-grained sedimentary rock with rich organic matter, fine bedding and combustibility. Shale oil needs to be artificially heated and then refined from crude oil. We can also understand this way as artificial oil. At the beginning of shale oil exploitation, its cost and price were very high, reaching nearly 90 US dollars. With the continuous development of science and technology, the cost and price of shale oil gradually decreased. According to incomplete statistics, the global shale oil reserves are about 13 trillion tons, far more than the current traditional oil reserves. With the continuous improvement of shale oil exploitation technology in the future, the cost will gradually increase Shale oil is also likely to become one of the main sources of energy. If shale oil production surges, the price of crude oil is bound to be depressed again. For us, there is no need to worry about the rise of crude oil.

The picture shows the shale oil parameter well implemented in Songliao basin



Diversified development of global energy

Although the current demand for oil is still very large, the gas emitted from oil is easy to pollute the air. Coupled with the continuous promotion of environmental protection in the world, many countries have begun to develop new energy sources, such as solar energy and wind energy. Therefore, relatively speaking, after the energy structure becomes diversified, the use of oil will decline, so we don’t have to worry about the day when oil will be exhausted. It is these new energy resources that have been continuously developed, so that the development trend of oil will not decline.



Scientists in the former Soviet Union believe that oil is a renewable resource

At present, there are two different views on the formation of oil in the world: one is that oil is a non renewable resource proposed by American scientists, the other is that scientists in the former Soviet Union are renewable resources. During World War II, Stalin attached great importance to the exploitation of oil. After more than 40 years of scientific research, scientists in the former Soviet Union believed that oil was derived from the evolution of the earth’s own carbon element and had nothing to do with biology. Like rocks, oil is the product of the earth’s geological evolution, and scientists have also found oil in the crystalline basement rock structure. Therefore, scientists in the former Soviet Union believe that the real source of oil is the inorganic matter in the deep crust, which is inexhaustible. For this statement, scientists in the former Soviet Union have also found a key evidence.

Some abandoned oil fields, which have been exploited, are ready to exploit crude oil again several decades later. For example, the dnets river basin is called “oil-free”. Unexpectedly, Soviet scientists have explored oil fields with abundant reserves here, which also proves that oil is renewable, and the reserves are enough for us to use for thousands of years. Although this amazing theory has been opposed by many countries, but at present, the world’s oil has not reached any limit peak phenomenon, and the oil exploitation is more and more, there is no depletion phenomenon.


Inorganic genetic theory of petroleum

No matter whether the oil will be exhausted in the future, we can not deny that there are abundant natural resources and mineral resources in the ancient earth where human beings live. These are a gift from the earth to us. While we are constantly exploring, we should learn to protect our earth. In 2020, a huge fire broke out in Australia. Many animal and plant resources were destroyed. New Coronavirus swept the world, and the death toll reached tens of millions. The locust plague in Africa and the rare rainstorm in Brazil made us realize that it is urgent to protect the earth.

In the activities of modern civilization, human beings should reduce the use of oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the development of new energy. For example, when we travel, we’d better choose green travel, insist on cycling or walking for a long time, advocate green and low-carbon lifestyle, create a good atmosphere for everyone to actively practice green travel, and let us protect the earth, cherish everything, and be reasonable Only in this way can all the resources in the earth not be exhausted.

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