Old photos of dinosaurs and soldiers in 1864, there is no PS trace!

Old photos of dinosaurs and soldiers in 1864, there is no PS trace!


The extinction of dinosaurs was 65 million years ago. As for the cause of its extinction, there are endless debates in the scientific community. According to the normal trend, it is difficult to eliminate dinosaurs according to their size and living habits, if it is not a particularly serious disaster. Many people believe that asteroid impact is the cause of such a result, which has been recognized by many people in the industry. But there are always people who say that dinosaurs are not completely extinct. In fact, dinosaurs still live on the earth. Why do they say that?


An old picture from 1864


In 1950, someone found a strange picture. It is understood that this picture was taken in 1864. The main content is a group photo of 10 hunters and a bird. This bird not only has a huge size, but also looks quite different from today’s birds. It is similar to pterosaur. So what’s the matter with this photo? Why do they have so much in common with pterosaurs? Old photos of dinosaurs and soldiers in 1864, there is no PS trace!


Through reading the relevant books, we finally know the origin of this picture. At that time, the United States was in the civil war, and a soldier shot a big bird. Then many soldiers went nearby to see where the bird fell. They had never seen a bird of this size. It was not only huge, but also had no hair. Its head has a sharp beak. Soldiers are curious when they see this animal. Due to limited cognition, they can’t determine what kind of animal it is, so they can only call it big bird. It has to be said that this picture is extremely shocking, and the setting is very clear. This big bird was initially identified as a pterosaur.


Pterosaur is a dinosaur that can’t fly. It is a big branch of reptiles. It lived in the Late Triassic period 216 million years ago. So far, scientists have rarely seen its fossils. This makes people wonder whether dinosaurs could survive so far? It’s clear that if dinosaurs 65 million years ago could survive to this day, it’s very unlikely.


Is this photo a forgery?


At the beginning, some people suspected that this photo was a forgery. After relevant identification, no traces of PS were found, which made people feel extremely confused. Since it’s not a dinosaur, why is it so strange? In order to explore the mystery, experts consult many books. A doctor named cuweiye exposed a picture of pterosaur. After relevant identification, he did not expect that it was forged. This kind of forgery technology is very advanced, if you do not carefully observe, it is difficult to find the trick.


Dinosaurs have a long history, it has long been extinct clean, now is the dominant human earth. If extinct dinosaurs are still alive on earth, why haven’t they ever appeared? All this needs to be verified. Many scientists have questioned the very real picture. Do you think it was processed by PS, or did dinosaurs not die out at all? Welcome to interact in the comments area.

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