On the national science and technology workers day, I would like to express my highest respect to every scientific research worker on the front line

“Why can’t the Chinese? What foreigners can do, can’t the Chinese? Are the Chinese shorter than them? “


This is what Qian Xuesen, a famous scientist in China, said in an interview. That’s right. Chinese people can engage in science and technology!

Believe it or not, you in 2020 are witnessing a series of unprecedented challenges.


Do you know that China is using 7% of the world’s arable land to support 22% of the world’s population. Today, the rice breeding team headed by Academician Yuan Longping, who is renowned for his work, is still working hard to solve the problem of rice growth environment in the beaches of Qingdao and the desert of Dubai.


Some time ago, the good news came that the sea water rice was successfully planted in Dubai, which means that once the sea water rice is popularized in China, 280 million mu of saline alkali land in China will become a promising field.

In addition to sea water rice, potato, one of the four major food crops, is also important. For this reason, an expert named Jin Liping specially carried a new Early Maturing Potato Variety to all parts of the country.


In the past, in order to transport grain, we dug the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. Today, we pursue higher speed. However, in the early days of pursuing speed, we were once embarrassed by the foreign side on technical issues. If we can’t stand on the shoulders of giants, we must make ourselves giants.


Liang Jianying, an engineer who led the development of five high-speed EMUs, once said that it was this unyielding spirit that led to today’s Fuxing high-speed railway. Now we are proud of not only China’s speed, but also China’s quality.

For example, Liu Jiaping, a scholar, has overcome the international problem of concrete shrinkage cracking. His achievements have been applied to major projects such as the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, and successfully become the cornerstone of China’s high-speed railway construction. As an expert in high-speed train traction and control, Feng Jianghua holds the life link of China’s high-speed railway.


On May 27, you may be turning on your mobile phone on Fuxing to watch the news of the successful summit of the Everest height survey team, but you may ask, like everyone else, why do you have to climb the Everest for the survey?


In fact, in addition to showing the strength of China’s geological exploration, the height measurement of Mount Everest can also verify the accuracy and availability of China’s Beidou system, so as to turn the scientific and technological results into products that can enter our lives.

As of 2016, there are 2880 ordinary adult colleges and universities in China, while there are 5300 in the United States. Therefore, the scientific research team in China still needs to be supplemented. The progress of science and technology not only depends on the breakthrough of cutting-edge talents, but also needs the promotion of a team with solid technology. Only when every drop of water converges into a vast ocean, can it set off a bigger wave.


Although we still have some shortcomings, there is no doubt that there is a spirit of fearing no challenge in China since ancient times.


May 30 is the national science and technology workers day. I would like to express my highest respect to every scientific research worker who is struggling in the front line!

This life without regret into China, the afterlife also do Chinese! what about you? Welcome to comment area.

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