Once a household name story, after that night, became incredible

In the past 89 years, there has been an animated series about a single story that has accompanied the growth of several generations. There are only two protagonists, Tom and Jimmy. In this way, the story of cat chasing mouse lasts for a long time. But on a rainy night, the story of cat and mouse, which is widely known, becomes inconceivable.


We’re going back to 1945, a stormy night, when the TV station normally played episode 22 of cat and mouse in time. According to the memories of local residents, when I watched TV with my children that night, suddenly snowflakes appeared on the TV. After the screen flashed, the plot became frightening. The expressions of Tom and Jimmy became strange. The scene of love and killing each other turned into bloody violence. Jimmy was killed by Tom, and then went back to the original plot.

The bloody plot made the parents angrily report to the TV station, but the most amazing thing is that the adults who watched the “special” segment the next day all had vomiting and dizziness in varying degrees, and even some children fainted. With the increase of medical records in hospitals, TV stations have to explain this.


According to the news and local newspaper records at that time, some scientists confirmed that it was because of the wind and rain that the halo phenomenon appeared on TV, which caused the brain nerve damage of the viewers and affected the nerve and visual center, which led to the discomfort of the next day. As for the reason for the child’s fainting, the explanation was very hasty. It was because the broadcast time was late that day. Under the same circumstances, the child’s body couldn’t stand the high load, and then fainted.


But the most striking thing about the incident is not the collective discomfort of the crowd, but the sudden change of the plot. We all know that the cartoon is made of pictures. Where does the bloody scene come from? Why does it appear after the so-called halo phenomenon on TV, and why does the plot recover its original plot after a short minute? It may be that the strength and means of scientific research at that time could not explain this, which gave posterity a mysterious question mark.

Due to a series of events, the TV station banned the 22nd episode of cat and mouse, and the scientific community and the weather and Meteorological Bureau also avoided answering the relevant events. As time goes on, the series of cartoons of cat and mouse are still broadcast, thus affecting generations. But there was no explanation for that night.


The incredible story ended in 1945, but people’s speculation still did not stop. If you were on the scene that night, what kind of explanation do you think you would give? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!


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