Once a mouse experiment, suggesting the future direction of human beings, the result is disappointing!

Once a mouse experiment, suggesting the future direction of human beings, the result is disappointing!


Everything in the world is a process from prosperity to decline, which is a common topic. Most people think that human beings can not exist forever on the earth. Because people’s life expectancy is limited. A normal person’s life expectancy is decades. Few people who live beyond 100 years old can’t escape the punishment of fate. The rise and decline of a species has happened more than once or twice in history. Some of them disappear forever in the long river of history, and some of them evolve into branches and continue.

The change of the earth’s environment is the main cause of human extinction, in addition, there are other reasons, so in many reasons, which one will really affect human? Asteroid impact and nuclear war are inevitable, but environmental degradation is man-made. Seeing that the earth’s environment is getting worse and worse, human beings are still unmoved. If it goes on like this, the earth may become a huge garbage dump, and human beings will lose their living home. I don’t know when scientists called on human beings to pay attention to the protection of the earth’s environment, but few people really took action. Once a mouse experiment, suggesting the future direction of human beings, the result is disappointing!


What scientists have done in mice


In addition to the above problems, scientists actually saw a terrible way of human extinction in an experiment, which proved for the first time that extreme things will turn against each other. In 1947, an American scholar conducted an experiment on mice. He put mice in a specific environment to survive. The process is very simple. He put mice in a closed environment, provided them with enough food and water, and observed their behavior every day. As time went on, the population of mice became larger and more prolific. This experiment was carried out in the barn at the beginning.

According to the area of the barn, he predicted that the number of rats would reach 5000. However, after several decades, there would be only 200 rats, which was far from the budget. Three years later, he built a new closed place and provided better treatment. Unfortunately, the result was almost similar to the previous experiment. When they reach a stable value, they will stagnate. The mice make abnormal behavior and eventually go extinct. They have done countless experiments, each time without exception. What is the reason?


Mouse experiments imply the future of human beings


To put it bluntly, the rapid spread of rat population leads to the crowding of living environment and the collapse of species. With the development of human society, the unlimited population reproduction and the rapid increase of unemployment rate pose a great threat to human beings, resulting in serious imbalance. In addition, there may also be a social hierarchy system, in which the strong and the weak can stabilize their own status and have irreversible results.

In human society, we are also in a closed space. There are too many similarities with mouse experiments. Energy shortage and social unrest are problems that need attention. Unless human beings can solve these problems, there are many potential risks. If human beings want to continue to prosper, going out of the earth is the most correct step. Otherwise, it will be difficult to propagate to thousands of generations. Mouse experiments directly reflect the current situation of human society. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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