Once illusory legend, the original real existence in reality, and still buried in the eternal mystery

In ancient China, the number nine had a unique feeling. The ancients believed that “Nine” was the supreme symbol and the starting point of end-to-end connection. Therefore, to give it an adjective to describe the emperor’s unique power was to bring it into the ancient mausoleum. The legend of the nine story demon tower was also spread according to various signs of the ancients, but with the development of science and technology and archaeology With the increasing prosperity of technology, we found that the nine story demon pagoda actually exists now, and we found that there are still amazing secrets buried inside it. Today, Xiaobian will walk into this ancient tomb with you to see the mystery of the nine story demon pagoda.


First of all, there are some questions about its name. Why is it called the nine story demon tower? Where is the “demon”? First, according to the geographical location, the nine story demon pagoda is located at the foot of Xuewei mountain in Dulan County, Qinghai Province. Archaeologists also call it “No.1 Tomb of Xuewei”. The tomb is located in a special location. It is located in the center of the five planetary array tomb group composed of the main peak of Qilian Mountain, Qinghai Lake, dafichuan, Kunlun mountain pass and Chaidamu basin. It is the key to the Chinese dragon vein, and the general tombs This is not the site of the funeral. Second, according to local legend, the ancient tomb was the place where King Gesar fought with demons, and the nine storey tower was also the place where King Gesar locked demons. All kinds of conjectures made the mystery come one after another, and the original truth became more and more complicated.

Secondly, does the nine story demon tower really have nine stories? If it’s really the devil’s land, who is it that spies its secret to the public? The truth of history is recorded in the archaeological diary of a scientific research team after the founding of the people’s Republic of China: during the cleaning work, we encountered a heavy rain that was not seen in the local area for more than ten years. During the conversation, we learned that the ancient tomb was excavated by Ma Bufang, a local warlord, in the name of military buildings during the period of the Republic of China, but for some reason, Ma’s army was forced to withdraw when it reached the second floor As archaeology continues, we find that this ancient tomb is really a nine story pyramid shaped civil structure, similar to the Shihuang mausoleum. Is the owner of the tomb a central plains minister or an emperor? Why build Mausoleums in the hinterland of Kunlun mountains After the heavy rain, we found five burial pits, among which 87 war horse remains and a few gold and silver utensils were found. However, according to historical records, only the Tubo Tibetan king who ruled the place was given such treatment. Who was the owner of the tomb.


Many historical mysteries are often re veiled when they are about to be revealed. When archaeological excavation is urgent, because of religious issues and local legends, riots and supernatural events occur frequently, and archaeology is forced to end. However, historical mysteries will not come to an end here. As time goes by, only the information about the demon pagoda left by history is yet to be determined by the owner of the tomb The identity of Tibetan king in Tubo and the ancient buildings sleeping underground.


Finally, with the progress of the times, the secret of the nine story demon pagoda gradually came into the public view with the wide spread of information, but there are still many doubts that are still buried. If one day the secret of the nine story demon pagoda is solved by the world, and there are countless connections with the Shihuang mausoleum, can you imagine what the eternal secret in the tomb is like? Welcome to leave a message and say what you think!

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