Once let “hero alliance” for its spokesperson’s handset, now finally reduced the price!

I believe everyone has found that the competition in the smartphone market is becoming more and more fierce. For major mobile phone manufacturers, if there are no bright spots in their products, it’s really hard for consumers to remember them, and it’s also hard to get high sales. For example, the oppo Reno that Xiaobian will introduce to you today At present, this kind of mobile phone can’t attract consumers’ attention because of its charging speed of 65W in 30 minutes.


Maybe it’s also because oppo Reno ace has a great advantage in charging, so it has the confidence to raise the price slightly. People who know about this mobile phone should also know that when the 8GB + 128GB version was released, the price reached 2999 yuan, but at that time, many netizens felt that the price of the mobile phone was a little high, and they were waiting for oppo Reno Ace will be able to reduce its price one day.


Just a few days ago, the price of oppo Reno ace was finally adjusted. The price of 8GB + 128GB version dropped from 2999 yuan at the beginning to 2899 yuan. Although the decrease was only 100 yuan, it can be regarded as a small favor of oppo company no matter what.


Oppo Reno ace not only has great advantages in endurance, but also has outstanding performance in other aspects. For example, in terms of performance, it is equipped with snapdragon 855plus processor and 4000 Ma battery. For most people who like to play games, such a configuration must be very popular.


In addition, oppo’s color OS fluency is also very high, so there must be no pressure to run some large-scale popular mobile games. Oppo Reno ace also has a big bright spot, that is, in addition to its excellent display effect, it uses a 90 Hz refresh rate, so the experience of sliding the screen will be very good.


For most game enthusiasts, oppo Reno ace still has a big bright spot, that is, the ice carbon constant cooling technology is added into the mobile phone, which can keep the mobile phone in a calm state all the time. Moreover, this mobile phone has made great efforts in publicity. People who pay attention to the League of heroes World Games should also find that the official has directly advertised the League of heroes S9 World Games, which makes more consumers realize this mobile phone. Although the League of heroes is a computer game, you should know that people who like to play computer games are willing to play mobile games I’m sure I’m also very interested. How do you think about oppo Reno ace?

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