Once received the head transplant monkey, the operation process is smooth, monkey’s result actually lets the human be distressed!

Today’s medical level has been very developed, in the face of large-scale diseases, we can also extend life through transplantation. At present, heart transplantation and organ transplantation have been more common, but there is still a problem waiting for human to overcome, that is, head transplantation. In 2015, a neurosurgeon claimed that he had the secret of a head transplant. At that time, a man with progressive frostbite wanted to have the operation, which was originally planned for the end of 2016, but was cancelled.


In our opinion, head changing surgery can’t be carried out at all. The brain is different from other organs of the body. The brain dominates all activities of the human body. If such surgery is carried out rashly, then whether there is rejection between the head and the body, how to judge the offspring, and whether it will cause social and moral problems are worries. But I didn’t expect that with the development of science and technology, in 2016, a professor of Harbin Medical University carried out an operation. The experimental results of this operation directly shocked the whole scientific community. It turned out that the operation that the professor did was the legendary head changing operation.

Head transplantation


The professor, Ren Xiaoping, completed a head transplant on a mouse in 2013. In order to unravel the secret of head transplantation, in 2016, he chose a monkey for head transplantation. He claimed that the key to head surgery is to freeze the donor and patient. In the process of head transplantation, he placed a monkey in an environment of minus 15 degrees. After the monkey’s head was cut, the rate of cell death would slow down, and then the head transplantation was carried out again. The whole operation process took 18 hours and cost 70 million yuan. So this operation is a good choice What’s the result of this?


To many people’s surprise, the operation was very successful and the monkey survived. I don’t know if you know anything about the head transplant operation. Even now, the problem we need to overcome is the connection of the spinal cord. The reason why the brain’s commands can be responded to is actually due to the spinal cord. If the spinal cord is injured, it is likely to cause paraplegia. Up to now, there is no way to cure it. Although Ren Xiaoping’s operation is very successful, it is difficult to cure it The monkey can’t control his every move, which means that the monkey is in a high paraplegic condition.

The end of the monkey


After seeing this situation, scientists thought that it was meaningless to spend it like this again. So after 20 hours, the monkey closed his eyes forever and left the world. Although the operation was not a complete success, it was also a miracle.


Although our medical level has achieved a milestone development, for a long time in the future, head replacement surgery is still a difficult problem that can not be solved. There are too many requirements and precautions for this surgery. Maybe a careless operation will kill a life. How do you think?

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