Once scientists solve these five unsolved mysteries, they may subvert people’s cognition

13.8 billion years ago, the big bang of singularity gave birth to the universe. With the birth of the universe, there are countless kinds of celestial bodies, cosmic dust, and many things beyond people’s cognition. Are these things science or something? It has been bothering countless scientists. Today, Xiaobian and his friends will look at five unsolved mysteries. Once they are uncovered by scientists, they will subvert people’s cognition and make people unable to accept them.

1、 What is ideology? Human beings are the only intelligent life on the earth. Once upon a time, there were overlords in various times, such as the overlord in the giant insect age, the overlord in the dinosaur age, and so on. Other overlords won by strength, that is, relying on their own strong physical strength to dominate the earth.

However, after human beings were born millions of years ago, they relied on wisdom. Relying on wisdom, human beings became the new overlord of the earth, and began to develop science and technology to reveal the essence of everything in the world through science. In the eyes of science, there are no things in the world and universe that science can’t explain. If it can’t explain, it can only show that science has not developed to that point.


Human beings have a developed and intelligent brain. No one knows the potential of the human brain. Some scientists say that most people can only use 10% of the functions of the brain, and 90% of the functions are undeveloped. The complexity of the human brain is beyond our imagination, and there is a more mysterious thing in the human brain, that is ideology.

What is consciousness? Modern science can’t explain it yet. Some people say that human body has life and death, but human consciousness can live forever. But the human mind and brain are interdependent. Once the body dies, the brain’s consciousness dissipates. Therefore, some scientists have come up with a way to achieve immortality for human beings, that is, to download and save human consciousness by means of science and technology, and then dilute it to other places, such as another body, a robot, or an intelligent computer.

2、 Does the universe have the same intelligent life as human beings. Since human beings came out of the earth, they began to explore the extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. For scientists, it is difficult to make people believe that there is only one civilization in the universe. So scientists basically believe that extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization exist.

In order to explore and search for extraterrestrial life and alien civilization, scientists launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 more than 40 years ago. They carried human information and earth coordinates and sailed into the vast universe. Now they have entered interstellar space and are the farthest probes in human history. However, Voyager has yet to discover any extraterrestrial life and civilization.


In order to explore and search for extraterrestrial life, scientists also search for earth like planets similar to the earth through astronomical telescopes. It is absolutely not a coincidence that a planet like the earth can give birth to life, but the ecological environment of the earth meets the conditions for the birth of life. Then, the more similar the planets in the universe are to the earth, the more likely there is life or even alien civilization.

Of course, there is another way to find and explore the extraterrestrial civilization, that is to use radio telescopes to find the possible extraterrestrial civilization wireless signals in the universe. Once such signals are found and successfully cracked, I can get more signals about extraterrestrial civilization. The Chinese sky eye is the most powerful radio telescope in the world at present. Perhaps the existence of alien civilization first discovered by mankind in the future may be the Chinese sky eye.

3、 Which is true, reality or dream? I believe everyone has had the experience of dreaming. Many times, we will find that when we dream, we regard the dream as the real world. Only when we wake up, we find that it is just a dream.


If everything in the dream is so real, then the world after we wake up must be real? Are we still in a dream? For dreams, it’s as mysterious as human consciousness. Maybe in many people’s eyes, everything in the dream is illusory. It is the result of people’s thinking every day and dreaming at night. It is the conscious activity of cerebral cortex.

However, some scientists have found that human dreams are definitely not so simple. Seemingly simple dreams may contain important mysterious information. Some people even think that everything in dreams is actually real scenes, but not in the real world, but in another parallel world. Dreams are another parallel bridge between us. Scientists need to explore the truth in the future. Maybe one day, scientists will completely uncover the mystery of dreams.

4、 Does the universe have boundaries? Scientists have been arguing about whether there is a boundary in the universe. Some people think that the universe is a space without size and there is no boundary. However, more and more scientists believe that the universe also has boundaries, but the universe is too vast for human science to observe the boundaries of the universe, let alone reach them.

Xiaobian also thinks that the universe should have boundaries. In ancient times, due to the lack of scientific and technological civilization, advanced observation equipment and developed means of transportation, most people at that time believed that the earth had no boundaries. However, when mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development, there were astronomical telescopes and powerful means of transportation.


In particular, the advanced means of transportation, so that people have a broader vision, can travel every corner of the earth, at this time, people have realized that the earth has a size. When human beings walked out of the earth, they really believed that the earth has size, not infinity. In the same way, the universe is unlikely to have no boundaries.

But the expansion speed of the universe is very fast, surpassing the speed of light, so we don’t know how big the universe is, but we know that the universe has boundaries. Now that we can’t reach it doesn’t mean that we can’t in the future. Perhaps the technology of human beings today is equivalent to that of human beings thousands of years ago. With such technology, we can not reach the boundary of the universe. Only when human science and technology become stronger step by step, can we finally reach the edge of the universe or even walk out of the universe.

5、 What happens when people are dying? Life and death is the basic law of life in the universe. Although human beings are intelligent life, they can not escape the final fate of death. Through research, scientists have found that many people will see a strange scene when they are dying, but we can’t see such a scene.


The death of human body is not synchronized with the death of brain consciousness. When the heart stops beating, the brain consciousness may still be active. At this time, you will hear the voices of people around you, and even some other mysterious phenomena. Scientists have also been exploring brain consciousness, especially by tracking what happens when people are dying.

The above five are just the tip of the iceberg of the unsolved mysteries of the world. There are many things that we can’t explain with the existing science. Especially when human beings go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe, they will find that there are more strange and mysterious things in the universe. If you want to uncover the mystery of the whole universe, you have to develop science. One day, all the above five unsolved mysteries will be solved one by one.

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