Once the closest to a human orangutan, understand the feelings of emotion, now how?

Once the closest to a human orangutan, understand the feelings of emotion, now how?


What is the meaning of human existence? What is the origin of human beings? These are the questions scientists are exploring. The origin of human beings has been a mystery since ancient times. Darwin’s theory of evolution shows that human beings evolved from apes. After years of evolution, human beings gradually came into being. Human beings are conscious and thoughtful creatures, which are extremely special on the whole earth. The earth provides a suitable environment for human beings and all kinds of creatures to grow. They also live in nature, and over time form an ecological chain.


Among many animals, orangutans are very similar to human beings. The biggest difference between orangutans and human beings is their appearance. They have a lot of hair, which has long been faded by human beings. Orangutans and human beings are most likely the common ancestors. 12 million years ago, our ancestors lived in Africa. However, the natural disaster was caused overnight by the movement of the earth’s crust Second, that’s why we see the Great Rift Valley. Once the closest to a human orangutan, understand the feelings of emotion, now how?


At that time, almost all the apes lived in the forest. There were many fierce wild animals in the forest. It was very difficult for the apes to survive here. Fortunately, the apes can find enough food and water here, and have a very easy life every day. Since the appearance of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa, this comfortable situation has completely disappeared, and the whole forest is in danger. If you don’t pay attention to it, it may become a dish for large animals.


It is precisely because of this that the fierce competition has led to the continuous evolution of human beings and forced them to learn to use tools. At the beginning, they only used sharp stone tools to cut meat, and gradually learned to use tools to protect themselves. In this long evolution, apes gradually evolved into human beings, intelligent people and then modern people. The process of evolution is very complicated, which makes human beings gradually become the most important people on earth Leaders. Many behaviors of orangutans are very similar to those of human beings, so many people ask this question: if orangutans evolve, will they have a chance to become human beings?


A scientist made an experiment to study whether human behavior is genetic or natural, so he took an orangutan home. However, animals and people also have feelings. In the end, he raised the orangutan as his own child. In the process of raising, the orangutan had his own emotion and thinking ability. According to the change of people, its mood will also change. When you praise it, its mouth will open, and when you scold it, it will be very unhappy.


After seeing this experiment, many scientists are very happy. Now that orangutans have emotions and can fluctuate according to human emotions, it means that they are constantly evolving. Maybe one day in the future, orangutans can really evolve into human beings. What do you think of orangutans? You can leave a message for interaction

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