Once the world’s largest “heavenly eye”, but now it has become a “garbage dump”. What will happen to China’s heavenly eye?

Before 2016, there was only one sky eye in the world, namely Arecibo radio telescope. After 2016, China’s sky eye has become the largest in the world. China’s heavenly eye bears the high hopes of exploring the universe all over the world, and people gradually forget about the Arecibo radio telescope. Now the heavenly eye has completely sunk in the golden age of that year.


Once the eye of heaven became a “garbage dump”

What is the reason for this? In fact, it has a lot to do with equipment aging and lack of maintenance funds. When we see this picture of Tianyan again, we can’t help feeling very sad that the biggest Tianyan of that year fell from the altar and became a “garbage dump”. With the construction of the heavenly eye in China, the former “God of the heavenly eye” will no longer exist. Because of years of disrepair, there is not enough maintenance funds, resulting in this huge eye, rust, has become a garbage dump. This heavenly eye has completely withdrawn from the stage of history and disappeared in the whole scientific community. Although he has withdrawn from the stage of history, his achievements can not be forgotten.


Although the aperture of Tianyan is only 100 meters, its sensitivity is very high. It can be said that it’s a masterpiece of telescopes. It’s a pity if it’s abandoned in this way. Therefore, some people think that it’s much easier to invest and re maintain it than to build a brand new Tianyan. After seeing this situation, some people worry about China’s heavenly eye. Will it be reduced to such a situation in the future?


The eye of heaven in China

Scientists don’t think it’s necessary to worry too much about this problem. At the time of construction, China invested a lot of energy and cost in the construction of Tianyan, and the Tianyan in China has surpassed the former Tianyan in the starting line. After being put into use, China’s Tianyan has carried out a variety of projects. The use of the sky eye in China is a continuous process. In this process, we can better find and solve problems. Countries all over the world will come to our country for scientific research. Therefore, the sky eye in China will go to the position of Arecibo telescope and become the C position of the world’s sky eye.


At present, the primary task of China’s sky eye is to search for pulsars. Because pulsars will continue to emit signals in the universe, if we can find the existence of pulsars, it will play a crucial role in our interstellar travel and space exploration.


Of course, this process is relatively long. If extraterrestrial life is really so easy for us to find it, why do we have to work so hard? I believe that the sky will play a vital role in the future, let’s wait and see.

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