Once there were at least six kinds of human beings on the earth, but now there are only human beings left. What is the cause?

Once there were at least six kinds of human beings on the earth, but now there are only human beings left. What is the cause?


In the long course of evolution, many life will change the function of the body through the change of the environment. Many creatures gradually have the ability to walk. After a long time of evolution, they finally have earth shaking changes. The birth of each life has added a little vitality to the earth. Human beings are extremely abrupt among many creatures. After all, only human beings have the ability to think and consciousness, and they are still alive Even if we want to treat other animals as brothers and sisters, there is always a big gap in the formation of our own language. Why on earth?


There are historical traces that show that in the process of evolution, in fact, there are six kinds of human beings on the earth. In order to follow the laws of nature, in the end, only human beings resolutely survived, became a unique individual, and became increasingly powerful. Take primate paleontology for example, it was mainly born 90 million years ago. At that time, dinosaurs were still alive, and primates could only survive in the cracks . A great change 65 million years ago led to the extinction of dinosaurs. These primates had the opportunity to develop and find the opportunity to reproduce. Once there were at least six kinds of human beings on the earth, but now there are only human beings left. What is the cause?


After a long period of change, monkeys and human ancestors, the so-called people, evolved. Due to different environments, apes also evolved gibbons and human ancestors. There is another branch of human ancestors: chimpanzees and human ancestors. In fact, it is not difficult to find that chimpanzees have many living habits that are very similar to human beings. At that time, human ancestors had no consciousness. They were just scattered in different places and adapted to different environments.


It was not until 1.8 million years ago that our ancestors gradually degenerated into Australopithecus, which was in the process of evolution and opened the real era of human beings. At that time, human beings gradually walked upright, could build tools with their hands, and their brains were developed unprecedentedly. As time passed, human beings gradually possessed wisdom and eventually evolved into Homo sapiens. In other parts of the world, there are various kinds of people, such as Neanderthals, Heidelberg people and so on. There are as many as six kinds of people. Under the rule of survival of the fittest, Homo sapiens can survive. We have to say that the human brain is the greatest guarantee of human beings.


Without the help of human brain, perhaps human beings could not have the present situation. The human brain is the most complex part, and human behavior is often done through the instructions issued by the brain. If human does not have a brain, it may degenerate. Therefore, in the process of natural evolution, human should thank the brain, make human special, and have the ability to think independently, and become the master of the earth.


Nowadays, only Homo sapiens really survive and eventually evolve into human beings. Other people are completely lost in the laws of nature. Only the strong can really adapt to the world. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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