One of Einstein’s three predictions has not come true, but scientists do not want to come true!

What’s wrong with Einstein’s prediction that scientists don’t want to realize?

The development of human civilization is the result of our joint efforts. Looking back on the past history, many great men and masters have emerged, who have made outstanding contributions to the scientific community. Many people find a common problem. Since the death of these great men, human civilization has been stagnant. This is a very serious problem. Since mankind entered the era of science and technology, in a short period of more than 200 years, leapfrog progress again and again, so that many people feel incredible. Especially after World War II, human science and technology has made a qualitative leap.

Among many scientists, Einstein is the most intelligent. He left many famous theories, such as relativity, the law of conservation of energy and so on, to provide more ideas for future generations. The proposal of the theory of relativity makes people more curious to explore the universe. There is also an intelligent equation to reveal the relationship between matter and energy. What’s wrong with Einstein’s prediction that scientists don’t want to realize?

Theories left by Einstein

If it wasn’t for Einstein’s theories, there might not have been the birth of atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb. He has been guiding the direction of human beings in the future. No matter how advanced the future science and technology is, Einstein’s theories are indispensable. Someone once tested Einstein’s brain and found that his brain development level is much higher than ordinary people. No wonder he is more intelligent than ordinary people. Although genius is born, it also depends on the efforts of the day after tomorrow. Einstein has both. No wonder he is praised by later generations.

In addition to these great theories, he also made predictions. Not only Einstein, Hawking also made predictions. Many scientists’ predictions can not be realized, but Einstein’s predictions are in progress. Take gravitational wave as an example, which was first confirmed in 2016. There are also black holes, which are invisible and untouchable. If human beings can find its existence, they may be able to distort time. Because Einstein’s predictions have been confirmed one by one, many people suspect that he is an alien. The predictions that subvert human cognition are amazing.

The only prediction that didn’t come true, scientists found that it was bad

There is another big prediction that hasn’t come true yet, that is, time travel. Einstein thought that if we want to realize the shuttle of time and space, we must find the existence of wormhole. Wormhole is a tunnel connecting the past and the future, which is the so-called space-time machine. It belongs to a medium connecting time and space. If we can find it one day in the future, it will open a new time and space tunnel and achieve a different effect. However, scientists do not want this prediction to come true Its real existence means that human beings can go through the past to make up for their regrets and travel to different times.

But have you ever thought about what the age of dinosaurs looked like 65 million years ago? If you cross there, you may be attacked by dinosaurs. Things on different time lines may have been fixed long ago. Even if you go back to rewrite them, they may have unpredictable consequences. This is not a blessing, but the beginning of a disaster. Maybe time travel will cause a disaster. Scientists are still trying to find the existence of wormholes. If we can manage it reasonably after finding it, the nature is another matter. What’s your opinion on Einstein’s space-time shuttle? You can leave a message for interaction.

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